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Oct 7, 2015
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Our story takes place in a continent that used to be a little behind technology wise. That all changed when an unknown man calling himself the “Millennium Man” arrived on the continent with a crew of excavators. The man was in search of a rare mineral who he said could change the world. After 20-ish years of searching the man found what he was looking for at in a mine of the Acadia Free State. A few years went by and people seemed to have forgot about the crazy man who was digging for the special mineral. 20 years later a company called Zetra Corp started making the waves when they showcased their technology at a corporate science fair. They have found how to harness the energy of a special mineral to power the entire continent and to boost the capacity of every electronic that use the specific wave energy of the refined mineral. They called the mineral "Zeturite". 20x more powerful then electricity and 10x more efficient. 10 years after that Zetra’s technology is all over the continent and every town and city has a Zetra branch building. After Zetra has assumed supremacy, all AAA Corporations started fighting among themselves most of them warring openly, thus starting:

The Acquisitions War:

During the war of Acquisitions, the Corps are fighting for the acquisition of capital and assets due to the fall of governments, Corporations now rule the new world, at its top is Zetra Corp. locked in eternal combat with other AAA Corporations in an eternal war of Acquisitions. The citizens of the world are cattle and they are wage salves working for the big machines that are the Corps, stuck in the never ending war between the giants.

50 years pass, the world is back in relative peace, since the Corporations did not want to turn the world asunder, their war turned into a covert one. As they say, "if we destroy everything who will buy our products?"

YOU are the heroes, three young adults who fight against the tyranny of the evil corporations. What plot will you uncover in your adventure? You will find out when you play Code Paradox: REMIX!


Warning: We are a hobbyist team working to become full indie Game developer, all our games are commercial for that purpose, if you want instant money do not contact me, do freelance work instead. We all have day jobs, this is not our main income yet, I am aware that most people can't slave away for things like this. I am not trying to insult your intelligence, you either want to join a team of people who will compliment your abilities to make full games, or not. Its up to you.

This is aimed more at hobbyist pixel artists obviously, if you are a professional I don't expect you to jump on this. However if you want more info and are willing to join the team anyways contact me.

Hello Everyone, My name is Mathieu Martin, internet name VestaOrion! I am the leader of a small team who wishes to become a full fledged indie company who will focus on 2D RPGs. We are a complete team(almost!) With a lead director/writer/mapper and game balancer(think enemies and items and skills) who is me, another of my friend who is an amazing coder and a professional level musician with 10+ years of experience.

Currently we are working on a project named Code Paradox Remix, right now we are working on our own without a full time artist and make due with Quid pro quo, (exchange of services) we are kind of tired to not have somebody on our team that has a permanent spot like all of us, thus we decided to make this announcement calling for an artist to have a spot on our team.

We are also going to make a Prototype demo using a section of the full game to showcase on the Indiegogo campaign we will open after said demo is finished by the team, we would also need the artist to help us on this demo, take it like a test to see if we can work together well. If you wish to be payed with some of the money we will make via the Indiegogo, your rev share will be lowered.

-Game is 60% complete with the skeleton of the game fully realized.

Skill Required + Conditions:
-Pixel artist capable of tileset work and Sprite work (along with spell animations)
-10 hours of work per week, the rest of the time you can do your freelance work (negotiable, we can come to an agreement)
-Rev share equal among the entire team meaning you make 25% like everybody
-Contract must be signed along with an NDA
-Bonus work over the 10 hour mark in a week counts as overtime and may lead to a Bonus if loyalty to the team is maintained.

Game Info:…

Contact me at: Discord VestaOrion#6906
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