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    Hello RPG Maker community !

    I've been looking up this community for some time and you are all amazing !
    So eventually i decided making my own stuff and i'd like to share it.
    I got for you some custom animated battle selection cursors to spice up your battle GUI.

    If you really really like them and want to use them for a commercial purpose just mention in credits, that's all.

    REQUIREMENTS: You must have Yanfly's BattleSelectCursor plugin to chose the files from there.
    Place the files into the "pictures" folder in your saved game.
    if you want to rename the files don't change the "_6x1", it will mess up the animation.

    If you like them cheers !! Suggestions are always welcome!

    EDIT: I will update further cursors in the following future posts. Stay tuned if interested.

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