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Mar 19, 2013
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Ok... This may be a terrible idea. But something about it has my mind in knots, and I am intent to untie them.
Started a conversation about it here.

The idea is simple... (enough)
  • Pure mechanics.
    • Deterministic foundation of combat. (Few purely random action results) If you swing, you will always hit, unless the target has an evasion stat that can be countered.
  • Little if any narrative.
    • Quests exist, but purely for direction.
    • (Added: 20_0929) Factions to provide a Narrative hook.
  • Incremental (lite) progression. (trying to avoid super large numbers)
    • Something like Squared progression, not orders of magnitude.

Gameplay Rules:

  • Mixed Economy.
    • Crafting is important, but mostly as market goods. (Fee for Services)
  • Classless
    • All Skills are learnable by all Actors. (Finding them is important)
  • Parameter Allotment (No auto stats)
    • Can re-spec freely, at the trainer. (Must be 100% MHP/MMP)
    • Higher Tier Gear will have Param Requirements.
  • Skill Equip Tiers.(Skills, Spells, Passives)
    • Equipment expands Tier selection. (Start with 2 Skills, 1 Spell, 1 Passive slots)
    • The main PC Starts with two Skill Slots and gains their third at Level 3.
  • Pseudo-Random Encounters.
    • Danger Zones enable typical 'random' Encounters.
    • Otherwise, all Encounters are visible. (Thus, avoidable)
  • Mercs (NPCs)
    • Can be party members, as well as 'Placed' in the world for Cash Grinds.

Making it in MV, because of the available options. I'd like to make it in MZ but the plugins simply aren't there yet.

More to come.

Link will be here when initial prototype is ready.

Update #1: 20_0921
Having spent some time preparing a prototype, I've realized I am focusing on the wrong gimmick. Rather than making it an 'Incremental' Genre game, with JRPG Aspects, it is more like a JRPG 'Dungeon Crawler' Genre game with Incremental aspects. (Less emphasis on the Increments, more on the Crawling)

At first, I created re-spawning visible encounters, with a standard timer. (Ex: 10% chance of re-spawn every 5 seconds.), but the more I play test, the more it feels a little too repetitive. What I mean is, there is a difference between being unable to stop a re-spawn from being in your way, again, and choosing to do something that results in a re-spawn being in your way, again... (If that makes sense)

So, from this point on I think that there will be very few, if any, re-spawning occurring on the active map. Those that do exist will have some significance. (Rareness, Guest-Lines, etc...)

Update #2: 20_0929
Well, I didn't need to accumulate public feedback to notice it wasn't going to cut it, as it was. The whole, No Narrative focus sorta kneecaps the mechanics when there is no obvious, or interesting, point to the grind. So, I think I'm going to back off that stipulation a bit and introduce an extremely BASIC Faction based Narrative. Something to look forward too and pique curiosity and conflict.

Having said that, what little time I've had over the last few weeks has made it a bit difficult to get things done. However, that is going to change soon so I hope to have at least an "Interesting" first 30 minutes of a Prototype available sooner than later. If not interesting, I'll settle for satisfying. (I hope)

Update #3: 20_1001 (End)
It seems that no matter what I try, the turn based mechanics simply won't allow for a grind heavy experience to be anything more than dull. So, consider this experiment a failure.

IOW, yes it was a Terrible Idea. ;)

Honestly, it wasn't even worth garnering feedback on, it became that obvious.

Lesson learned. Next stop, Strategic Crawler. I dare not say Roguelike, because the mechanics won't revolve around a loss and retry, ad-nauseam, mechanic. But more of an easy retreat and regroup mechanic.

I will post the link to it here when I have the new thread ready.
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