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    Kaleid into a new level of hardcore twin-stick shooting action! Dodge hordes of relentless enemies or they will destroy your kaleidoscopic armor and expose your core!

    Love to see everybody's Highscores. Also if you lie our game please give us some votes. Please and thank you.
    Hardcore twin stick action with the best kind of goal... a High Score.
    Kill the Flashing enemy to warp to a new level with new enemies.
    Levels will get harder the longer you stay within them.
    Game gets harder overall with your score.

    Gamepad heavily recommended

    Controls :
    Keyboard and Mouse-
        WASD to  move
        Click to fire
        Esc to pause
    Gamepad(x-input only)-
        Left stick to move and navigate menus)
        Right Stick to fire
        Start button to pause.
        A button to select menu buttons

    Credits :
    Design and Programming:
    Nathan Kevilus
    David Kennedy

    Trinity Holsworth

    Darkwoods II by Ivan Chew
    Kodamooya(long version) by Gnagno
    Drive by AlexBeroza

    All music is licensed under Creative Commons Attributed 3.0 Unported

    8-bit wonder font by Joiro Hatgaya
    Built using Unity3D
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    Here's my very quick and sketchy take on the game (link for info on why it's so short and all that jazz)

    +Very colorful and simple graphic style.

    +Movement and shooting felt smooth.

    +Music is very nice.

    -Could not make the screen smaller, causing eye strain and having to lean back to try and see the entire monitor at a glance.

    -Too colorful. Too many elements onscreen blended together into a big “what is going on”.

    -Lacks “introductory” level. I still have no idea if the hexagons are killing me or advancing my level, nor am I too sure on how life/mechanics work, as I was too frantic moving around form the get go to digest much.

    To the developer: I’m really not big on shooters so I may be quite off, but my main problem was the fullscreen (I could not properly see what was going on since too large) and the confusion of just too many colorful things blending onscreen and not knowing what was going on. Perhaps if “explosion” graphics were way less intrusive and friendly and enemy graphics were more clearly defined I would have had an easier time. As it is the graphics made things colorful and vibrant, yes, but also really confusing and disorienting.

    Its probably a good enough games for people used to shooters, but again, that’s not the case with me OTL

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