Karaoke Mini-game (Like the ones in the "Yakuza" Games)


Dec 13, 2020
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Exactly What the title says, I want a Mini-Game script Based on the Karaoke Mini-game from the Yakuza games.

Basically how it works is, There are three types of play for the minigame Depending on the song (The songs for the minigames being in their own folder if possible) : Simple interjectons and Lively interjections for songs where your character doesn't sing, but instead cheers on the person singing, and...I forget what it's called for when your character sings, i'll just call it either "Solo" Or "Sing"

....But whether you are singing or providing backup, it plays the same: It's a rhythm Minigame that is sorta comparable to the "Project Diva" Games, You Press the keys that appear on screen once the glowing line (Or whatever you choose to make it) Reaches said Key prompt and there are a few types of notes: Regular, which you just click the button on time, Hold....This should be obvious and Rapid, where you mash the key it shows till the line reaches the end of the prompt.

Depending on your points near the end of the song, a Cinematic relating to the song will play (You can choose how those would happen, Whether it be in game sprites doing the stuff, or it loads a movie file in the background....As long as it doesn't interupt the gameplay.) and at the end of the song, your highscore gets tallied and you get a rank. (The highest one being locked out of reach if it's a interjection song and you played it on simple interjections, requiring you to actually need to put effort into getting the highest rank)

That's basically it. So?

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