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Apr 10, 2019
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Engine: RPG Maker MV
Synopsis: Chapter 1 of Kedemara: The Orphan's Ballad is already available on Steam (currently for free), I have 3 chapters planned for release (Ch.2 is about halfway done). Each chapter is 5+ hours of content, with Ch.2 being closer to 7 or 8 thus far. All details for the game (and trailers/screenshots) can be found on the Steam store page below..
Kedemara: The Orphan's Ballad

The written synopsis is below in case you don't want to check out the Steam page:
This is the first chapter (of 4 total) in Kedemara: The Orphan's Ballad, a Role-Playing Game featuring classic JRPG combat, interaction, and exploration mechanics. Containing roughly 5 hours of content, this first chapter introduces us to the main protagonist and her first 3 companions for this adventure. With a simple control scheme and similar feel to several classic RPGs from the 16-bit era of video gaming, newcomers and veterans of RPGs alike should find the game easy to pick up and enjoy. Seeing a familiar style of gameplay mechanics, players are freed up to immerse themselves in the narrative of the game. Familiar features similar to other RPGs include:

- A classic character leveling system, gaining experience from combat and other quest encounters
- Equippable loot gained from defeating enemies or engaging in quests
- Classic Turn-Based combat style
- Simple control scheme with support for almost any gamepad or mouse/keyboard
- Complex and engaging story featuring large cast of characters
- Numerous dialogue and interaction options encourage exploration of every map and object
- Excellent soundtrack makes for a rich and immersive experience

Deirdre (the main character) has grown up in an orphanage, but now has reached the age of 16 and it is time for her to depart and make a life for herself. Before leaving, the caretaker at the orphanage informs Deirdre she was nearly 4 years old when dropped off there, much to the surprise of Deirdre who thought she was left as a baby. The caretaker then tells Deirdre of the night she was dropped off and gives her a key to a treasure chest in town that "only she can open". A suspicious, but well-intentioned man brought her to the orphanage in hopes that she would be safe from harm there. He left money and a key that he instructed the caretaker to give it to Deirdre when she was of age to leave. However, opening the chest only generated more questions (and complications) for the young and confused Deirdre. The letter inside that accompanied her combat gear pointed her towards a town of great distance from her home. With her first lead being so far away, she now has the task of trying to get herself halfway across the continent safely, but fortunately, she is not alone!...well, "fortunately" may be putting it strongly.

The story details the comedic and (hopefully) inspiring tale of a girl trying to discover her past, all the while trudging forward with the help of her 3 newfound, whimsical friends. With the simple intent to find out who her parents are, Deirdre will unknowingly dismantle the largest conspiracy of her era. All with the help of a cast of colorful and humorous characters that are guaranteed to make you less bored than you were prior.

Filled with reference humor, tastefully shattered 4th walls, and a prodigy mage who thinks her pet chicken is a cat...what more could you ask for in a circa-1400's fantasy setting?

I am already handling Eventing/Programming, Level Design/Layout, Story, Dialogue, and some Sound Design tasks as well. I have a composer with some programming experience on the team already.

Spriter/Artist: I am mostly using stock or store assets for graphics, but would like someone who can modify the stock graphics and possibly enhance things like tilesets for the game. Will also be inquiring of the Artist for graphic design input/decisions in the game and character design as well. May be relying on the Artist for promotional materials (graphics for Steam page, title screens, web graphics, etc.) as well.

In terms of style, I'm looking for something basically the same as the RPG Maker style. More details and ideas can be discussed with interested parties.

Advanced Programmer: Workload would be light, but someone with some advanced Javascript experience for further customizing UI and other game mechanics would be very helpful as well. This would be another position where this person would be considered a team member, and therefore will be consulted on design ideas and decisions regarding their role. This is less urgent than the artist and would probably require much less stringent involvement in the development of the game.

So far I have 1200+ downloads for the game, have 5 more marketing "bumps" left from Steam, and this with nearly no external marketing done outside of a Facebook group for the game development group.

If you are interested in joining the team or have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the following means (These are in order of my contact preference...)
Discord PM: PikanyaDesu#0593
Facebook Page PM: Ancient Earth Games Facebook page
Dev Group Email: AncientEarthGames@Gmail.Com

Thank you!
- Andrew

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