Khue's resources: The ancient history of Dai Viet

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    ~Khue's Resources: The ancient history of Dai Viet~

    From the title of the topic, I am specialized in making graphical resources about historical Vietnam. That said, my resources are for games that have East Asian culture elements and you'll find a very distinct taste here, it can't be mistaken to Japan, China or Korea :D
    If you use or modify any of my resources, please credit me as "Khue144" in your game.
    You'll need to own RMMV to use most of my resources.
    All of the resources here I spent my spare times making them and I do not take any request for making resources.
    Have fun! :ahappy:

    A Vietnamese student under Nguyen Dynasty in the Tonkin region (a.k.a modern Hanoi)

    Khan mo qua.png
    Crow Beak Turban (Khăn Mỏ Quạ), a turban which is shaped like beak of a crow, women of north Vietnam usually wear it in between 19th and 20th centuries

    The Berserk Tree (Quái Vật Xương Cuồng), one of the most powerful monster in Vietnamese folklore
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