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Dec 20, 2012
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There's been some good discussion here, and somewhat centered around how to best draw in an audience. It's been alluded to, but from my experience with having viewed successful projects on Kickstarter, it's basically a marketing platform.

The most successful projects basically draft an amazingly effective press-release-like marketing campaign. You really need to understand at least the basics of marketing and advertising to even have a solid chance at success, especially with the current state of the platform. You need to have a hook, keep the information concise but descriptive, have an interesting video, bright vibrant colors that complement your project, and so on and so forth (marketing 101). My advise, if you're seriously considering Kickstarter is to google "most succesful Kickstarter games" and scour the results.

What you'll find is that (and this really is contrarian to the tenants of the platform) successful projects already have a significant amount of assets created. As well, like a game pitch to a large studio, there's a proof of concept. You'll need high quality art, a somewhat competent demo (or a cleverly disguised video to look like a semi-finished product), music, writing with a great hook, etc.

Another thing too, is that donators want to see transparency in the budget. Creating a pie chart outlining where the budget will be allocated will inspire more confidence in the backers.

Ultimately (and I think this is something that people often forget), in a sense, you're cannibalizing future sales for what are essentially pre-orders. Donators are already paying up front for the finished product. Hopefully the completed game will draw an additional audience, but for those that have already contributed, you won't be seeing anymore money out of them.

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