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PictureColorChange - 2018/08/16

To change a picture with hue and tint.

You can change the hue of picture with a different color as shown in the preview.

Based on the hue-ring around 360 degrees, as shown below.
For white/ black and monochrome images- changing that color won't be effected.

Plugin Command

RotateHue arg0 arg1

arg0 = picture number, arg1 = angle of rotation (in degrees)

Example: RotateHue 1 180

Argument can be a control character as a variable.

Example: RotateHue \V[3] \V[4]

Another feature
You can change the picture tint.

Plugin Command

SetTint arg0 arg1

arg0 = picture number, arg1 = color value. Examples are same

Example: SetTint 1 0xFF0000
Example: SetTint 1 16711680

Argument can be a control character as a variable.

Example: SetTint \V[3] \V[4]

If you specify a value for each RGB-

SetTint arg0 arg1 arg2 arg3

arg0 = picture number | arg1, arg2, arg3 are values of rgb

Example: SetTint 1 255 0 0

Argument can be a control character as a variable.

Example: SetTint \V[3] \V[4] \V[5] \V[6]

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/33ijcnewmzpnjrz/PictureColorChange.js?dl=1


PictureChange - 2018/10/19

To change the file name by picture number with plugin command.

Plugin command

change arg0 arg1

arg0 = picture number
arg1 = name of the file

Example: change 13 button2

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/obw58ohu95ldaz6/PictureChange.js?dl=1


PictureCopy - 2019/03/15

To change the picture number.

Plugin command

copy arg0 arg1 arg2

arg0 = picture number source
arg1 = copy destination picture number (if blank, removes)
arg2 = Leave blank or set to true. (if true, both remains)

Example: copy 13 14
Example: copy 14

Note- Kido managed to avoid flicker issue by copying the picture before changing hue/ tint. If set to true for arg2, you may want to show picture for arg 1.

Picture plugin does require the use Show Picture event.
Plugin Commands helps with event organization.
Also to cut down process if you're not using Position, Scale, and Blend.

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0e2ouf0jkybsz6/PictureCopy.js?dl=1

Credit and Thanks: kido0617

Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

License- MIT License: http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php



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