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Jul 28, 2015
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At start I would point I am not english native speaker and my english is rather poor.

To not waste anyone time I would like to point - this is NOT THE GAME and NOT anything you can download and use. It is my own platform I made purely for my RPG group of my friends. If you are interested "how it works" and thinking for something like this for yourself - you are welcomed to read further.

Because my wife love it and she said - why you don't offer your idea to others? It is so fun for all of us. She thinks concept I made might be inspiration for someone as it - in fact - it can be adapted for even a commercial project - and you all are free to do it, if you want, my idea is not "copyrighted" and RPG Maker MV (especially with Yanfly scripts) are really cool platform for something like this.

I developed my project for 18 months and it is in pretty advanced stage. It is in my native language only and designed especially for our LARP group.

As I said - Kilitar is NOT a game. It is platform for unlimited adventures played as pen and paper old school games like dungeons and dragons with your friends in pub, or even as LARP game in nature (as we playing it). The game is made mostly from our own imagination, based on gamemaster descriptions of situation.

Now you say - it looks like normal pen&paper - how the hell it is related to RPG Maker?

Very closely I would say. Whole world, and all maps are made in RPG maker MV. Characters generation and character sheets like one you know from pen and paper games are made in RPG maker MV - using actor atributes and variables. Also all skills, clases, races, equipment or battle engine are again - RPG maker MV. All maths, and dice rolls, even weather system are RPG maker MV - all running on Tablet PC we take with us into nature.

But not as game which can be exported and ready to be played by anyone. Just as "basic" platform to be configured a used as helpful tool.

Kilitar has also 2 game modes. Player mode and GameMaster mode. Game master is secured by password. Game master skills are very different from player ones. Game master has "skills" like give money, give items, give experience to actor, hurt actor, add state t actor, change weather, transport group etc.. Standard players have skills and perks based on their races/clases - and what they learned before from their guilds.

And how we play it?

As a pen and paper "multiplayer" - with our friends! In our case in nature if weather is friendly or in pub or room if it is not.
Me as gamemaster - I prepare an adveture - prepare maps in Gamemaker MV editor, prepare troops, prepare random events which might be encountered by players. And then our adventure begins. We take our tablet PC with "Kilitar platform" instaled. We walk in forest and roleplay (often in LARP costumes) when me as gamemaster I play NPCs and giving experience points, items, via Gamemaster mode. Each player can check their "actor" in my tablet when he wants.
When needs for a "dice roll check" happens - player will decide to use skill like swim, climb, jump, diplomacy, haggle, steal and many others - and player use skill (within Platform engine using player mode) with possible results based on his Actor atributes and variables - like Dexterity dice check. The difficulty of check is based on my decision as Gamemaster - I set "difficulty variable" and he use his atribute with diceroll variation. And result might be fatal failure / failure / sucssess/ fatal sucssess - with predefined effects (mostly like states for example "broken leg state" - or HP loss or anything else).

If player want use something what is resonable in situation - and it is not part of platform - we improvise and I add new skill when we come back home for next game as "new rule".

If conflict with NPCs/monsters arise - the gamemaster in mode simply use skill "spawn group of troops", eventually give enemy group some advantage/disadvantage bonuses like "free attack in first game round - surprise bonus- and then start battle. Now we sit on stump in forest and every member of our human group simply decide what his Actor use as skill when his turn comes. (We simply give tablet to player whose action is next - like "Hot Seat" game mode. Enemies acts based on their AI scripts.

Kilitar is planed to be developed as our group will need it to develope. It is platform I developed purely for our own use as "larp" platform and I have no ability to translate it into english - because of lack with my language skill at one side and because in curent stage it would need huge interactive help with lot description how it could be used (and configured) for "foreigner group" not accustomed with our game mechanics. I dont need such help because I am creator and I know where look and what to do with it :).

Thank you for your time. If you found this concept interesting and inspire any of you to anything, then it was not wasted time to create this thread.

Kilitar is really fun for all of us.

And it is possible because of this RPG Maker creators, because of friendly community here on forum and anyone who helps me with my questions here. And because of people like Yanfly team, Himeworks, Khas, Terrax, Celliana, Archeia and many others who makes plugins, graphic or bring cool ideas for improvement from time to time.

So on behalf of our Kilitar RPG Group - we thank you for all of that.

Now I am going prepare another adventure because weekend is close and me as Kilitar God and Gamemaster must prepare another obstacles, enemies and puzzles for my "little toys" to challenge their skills and brains for their next adventure.

NOTE: I am sorry, I wanted to post this into "For Gameplay Ideas and/or Feedback, post in Game Mechanics and Design" - but I cannot access this part of forum :(.


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Mar 18, 2012
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Hi all, just a note from me. This topic is here because it didn't quite fit in with any of our other game development related topics. However, I thought it was a really neat idea and a creative way to use RMMV, and thought it was worthy of sharing with others. So we stuck it here.

(My apologies to @Kilitar that it took so long to get approved.)

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