Kingdom Hearts 3: Remind DLC Thoughts

Sep 7, 2019
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The first time i saw the trailer for Remind, i was happy that there would be more story in the game. I also loved how they put in two of my favorite Keyblades: Oathkeeper and Oblivion in the game too. But when i finally played the Remind part of the DLC and finished up the Data bosses in the Limicut episode, I felt dissapointed. Now i love how you get to explore Scala ad Caelum, And the Data Greeting was pretty awsome. You also got a pretty cool
boss fight against the other Armored Darknesses, And i love how difficult the data bosses are and how they made the music themes for them. And the Yozora boss was kinda cheap due to him being able to take your keyblade and other items like Kupo Coins. But the ending
and the fact that i had to practically do the keyblade graveyard boss rush all over again made me feel like i didn't get what i paid for.
Does anyone else feel that way?


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Dec 30, 2012
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I completely agree. I loved all the new stuff they added in. And yes, having to go through the entire 'keyblade graveyard' sequence felt so filter-ish. The reason I say that is because, the entire thing just felt like fan-fiction to me. It's too late to give this opinion, but I hate it when video games put time travel into their game. Unless it's a game that depends on time travel as the main aspect, then it's okay. However, KH is confusing as it is already. The whole thing about Xehanort going back in time still confuses me! And now that Sora is doing it too, makes me feel like everything that has happened after part 2 is all a dream.

Anyway, back to the dlc. I was extremely confused during Sora's second visit to the keyblade graveyard battles. During most of the cutscenes, it was hard for me to differentiate the current-sora and past-sora. They could've gone a different route to explain how Kairi was saved. Having us revisit these battles and seeing the same cutscenes over again made the dlc come off lazy to me. I get that a main point of revisiting those battles a second time was to let players play as the other wielders, but I don't see why we couldn't just do that the first time.

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