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Nov 17, 2019
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KMaxLoss XP

by Kyonides


Be a tyrannical game developer and make your heroes or even your Ghost mobsters suffer! :o
How can you do that? :aswt:

By inflicting them a state that might reduce their MaxHP or MaxMP every time they get hit by a sword or a spell hurts them, of course. :p

Go visit your State DB and add a couple of brand new and evil States there! :D

# * KMaxLoss XP Instructions * #

# This scriptlet allows you to reduce a hero's or mobster's MHP or MMP
# at any given time IF they have contracted the corresponding State.

# * Step 1 * #
# Add a State ID to any of the following Constants: HP_STATES or SP_STATES

# * Step 2 * #
# Change the MAXHP% or MAXSP% of that State.
# It will be used as the Base Points Loss Percent.

# * Step 3 * #
# Let that blockhead of Aluxes aka Alex serve you as a punching bag, i mean,
# a test subject that deserves a medal of honor... A fake one that is! XD

Terms & Conditions

Free for use in any game.
Include my nickname in your game credits.
I will only provide bug fixes if deemed necessary.
Don't ask me about porting it to other makers.
That's it!
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