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Mar 1, 2012
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Latest Version: 2012/07/22



This script adds an open-ended skill proficiency value for actors and their skills. The use of skill proficiency values is left up to the developer.

Skill experience points are gained by simply using the skill. By default, actors gain 1 skill exp. points everytime it is used, but the amount increased per use can be changed by utilizing a notetag. You can also use a script call to increase an actor's skill proficiency.

Skill exp. points are kept in relation to the actor, not the skill itself.

Enemies may use skill exp. in battles as well, but keep in mind that the exp. values for enemies will reset when the battle is over.

Latest Updates

  • 2012/07/22
    You can now increase the exp. points of another skill when using a skill.

  • Initial release.



Paste this script into its own page within the "Materials" section in the script editor of your project.

How to Use

This script uses notetags, script calls, special control characters and contains a small customization module. Please read the comments thoroughly.

Terms and Conditions

Tomy's Site T&Cs (translated by kirinelf)

If you wish to redistribute the scripts or other materials on this site, I would appreacite being told beforehand through either the BBS or e-mail.Feel free to link to any of the pages on this site.

However, keep in mind that due to editing and rearranging of the site contents, links might break without warning.

I am not held responsible for any direct or indirect consenquence of using my scripts if you've modified them.

Please take that responsibility onto yourself.

As a precaution, please backup your project before use.

At the moment, no requests are being taken.

There is no need to report material usage to me, nor is credit required.

If you want to credit me, there's no specific format to do so.

Please write as you wish.

Editing is allowed freely, of course.

Redistribution after editing is fine.

(As long as you don't say you didn't write the whole thing yourself.)

You can port them to any other language (C++, C#, etc.) if you want.

You are also allowed to use these materials for 15+ and 18+ games.

...Well, now that the formalities are over, I really don't mind what you do with my works as long as you use them with common sense. Go ahead and use them! ヽ(´▽`)/
FAQ Style

Q: Can I share your works on my site?A: Yes, but I would prefer it if you could tell me beforehand via either the BBS or an email.

Q: Aren't there many similar scripts out there? What should I do with them?

A: Scripts are almost a form of art; each author has their own way of writing them. Even if they function the same, there is more than one way to write a script.

I think that as long as the different scripts don't just have different names for the variables and method, every script has its own value and merit.

Q: I'm gonna link to your technique page, okay?

A: Link and favorite (bookmark) to your hearts extent! Just be warned that sometimes the address for the links might change, so be careful.

Q: There was a bug and it screwed up my game! What should I do?

A: As said in the rules, I am not responsible for that. Please make frequent backups.

Q: Can you make something for me?

A: I'm not accepting any requests at the moment.

Q: Do I need to report usage details to you?

A: No. I'd appreciate the occasional notice though, it gives me motivation. If I don't hear anything at all, I do this: (´・ω・`) *Laugh*

Q: Do I need to put a copyright notice for you? (Can mean 'Do I need to credit you?')

A: No, you don't need to.

Q: I'd like to edit something...

A: Feel free to edit as you please. However, be warned that I might not be able to provide support for modified materials.

Q: I've got this strange urge to modify your scripts and redistribute them.

A: Please go ahead. Just try not to say something like, "I wrote the whole thing myself." and we're good.

Q: I'd like to port this over to a game in C++.

A: Feel free to port and modify it at will.

Q: I found a bug!

A: Please report it on the BBS.

Please describe the circumstances in which you came across the bug in detail.

Bugs are hard to fix if you don't know what caused them in the first place.

If you get an error, please report where or how the error happened as well as the error message that pops out.

Q: Can I use your materials for 15+ and 18+ (adult) games?

A: Sure thing! (・∀・) Hehe.

Q: Can I use this for shareware?

A: If I won't end up involved in some huge complicated mess, sure.
The English version translated by Mr. Bubble, but credit to Mr. Bubble is not necessary.
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