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    Introduction:This is a small plugin that allows you to prefix multiple events on the current map with balloons.

    Afterwards you can call them with a function on a single event on the map, instead of having multiple events

    on a map to loop through balloons for specific events.

    This can be useful if you want a group of people to have balloons overhead in a crowd.

    Instructions/How To Use:Insert a notetag like below; the notetag name is not case sensitive.

    This notetag is placed inside of your map event.




    //Standard Tag
    //Will display the balloon ID when called
    <krreqBln: <balloonID> >

    //Interrupt Tag
    //Will display the baloonID when called, and pause when speaking to an event.
    <krreqBln: 1, interrupt >
    //Note: interrupt is case sensitive here

    //Script Calls

    //Will wait before ending balloon animation (Can be looped).

    //No wait (Do not use this with a loop!).

    In-game Examples:

    Regular Tag Example:


    Interruption Tag Example:


    Function Call:


    Please see the below attachment to use this plugin.

    Terms of Use:Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.Credit with the name Kino.

    Thanks:Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!

    If there are any bugs/issue, please contact me via message on the forums. I want to try and make the script as extensible/flexible as possible, so if you have an ideas also

    please message me.

    View attachment MultiBalloons.js
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    Very useful! Thanks
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