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Jul 21, 2019
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Hi wonderfolks! Krizzirk here, pleased to be acquainted with ye.

I believe that in appreciation of any positive relationships, and in learning things, we can approach them from various angles. As such, I believe that all things are possible to be understood. I regard the meaning of understanding into two different concepts. One is through facts, another one is through faith. In relationship with anyone, I do not take account of one single moment as the ultimate final apprehension, appreciation or comprehension of that person, but rather, understanding is an on-going process which will never end. In saying so, I am someone who is very interested in the doings and goings of all things created within the order of actions and reactions, concepts and correlations, of nature and everything that we think. I am fond of seeing this world through different lenses though it's taking me a huge amount of time to turn them into routines yet, sometimes through music, sometimes through science, sometimes through arts, through languages, cultures etc.

And here's a poem I wrote a decade and over ago that I would like to share with you wonderfolks!

Poem Title: Melodies Reframe
Author: Krizzirk

Shall I compare you with this melodies
And every string strummed to reframe our memories
Each pieces shape the pieces we had shared
But too fast for me to weave
Sometimes my fingers ran almost rush
And made your lovely smile almost I lost
And each refrain to replay our dawn of crush
Often negated by the sorrow that haunts my heart
Sadful to bear our romance slowly fades
As I dread to hear of only one string left
But resonance returns in this lonely shade
As I rephrase the dearest words you left
So long as you still hear this heartfelt reach
And so long live still, I'll live for our wills and thrills.

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