RMMV Lag fix for OrangeHUD or Alternative?

Hisao Shou

Jan 8, 2015
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Hello! Lately I have been using lots of plugins from Hudell's Orange Hud series in my game (by a lot I mean a lot, as in over 100 plugins for different panels and windows), and I have started to face some serious lag problems with these scripts.

When I enable some windows (made with Orange Hud plugins) via switch, the FPS drops by 10-20. (I'm using a pretty new computer with latest drivers and GTX 1050), and I would like what could I do in order to reduce the lag.

As far as I have read in some forum posts, this plugin might have some memory leaks or performance problems if configured unproperly.

I would like to know if:
  • Can I reduce the lag of these plugins?
  • How could I configure the plugins to no longer generate lag? (best practices?)
  • Is there any snippet which reduces the lag overall of these plugins?
  • Is there a proper equivalent alternative? I really love Hudell's plugins a lot and I would like to not give up on using them, but if there is really no other way then and alternative would be good
Here are Hudell's Orange HUD plugins.


Mar 5, 2013
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Memory leaks due to wrong configuration? Very unlikely, Hudell would have had to make some big programming mistakes to allow for that. Memory leaks are part of the data structure (in which case they are independent of configuration and need reprogramming to fix).

Performance problems due to wrong configuration are more likely, but again that would not be a regular part. You can reduce this by for example re-prozessing any pictures used in the HUD. If the pictures are clearer and don't need as much RAM that will help with lag.

But I would suggest before you do anything like this to check where all causes of lag come from.
A new computer today has a lot of reserves to compensate before lag becomes even detectable.
If you get a drop of 10-20 fps, that means that you already used up 60 fps or so of a hidden reserve.
It's the same as saying "only the last beer was bad and caused the headache, the dozen beers before the last were harmless and had nothing to do with it".

For example parallel processes can cause a lot more lag (especially if badly coded) than most plugins that I can think of, and there are other options on what could have used up your computers resources.

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