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Jul 10, 2012
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Hello all!

I wanted to share this soundtrack with you all. But first I'ma hit y'all with a little background on this soundtrack and why it's very important to me.

This is the full soundtrack to Lakria Legends an RPG made on RPG Maker 2003 that was released November 12th 2017 on It was made by one man who goes by KoopaKush. Following its release, the game went on to win in the Best Sound & Music category in the Misao Awards. It also won 8 other categories including Best Game of the Year for 2017! KoopaKush spent many many years perfecting this game that was truly made with a passion for the JRPG genre and you will see it in the meticulous detail that has gone into the game.

I urge you all to play the game, seriously. You won't regret it. You can download it on here:

I was the sole composer for Lakria Legends and KoopaKush had approached me 3 years ago (2015) about composing a full soundtrack for this game. I was very surprised. Before then, I had been doing music commissions here and there, I contributed music to the RMN Music Pack, I contributed to this site as part of ReStaff (back when it was still around) and I've been with the RM community for a REALLY long time now and it's been one of my favourite communities.

This soundtrack is my first ever full OST which features 50 tracks for the game! It's a love letter not only to the JRPG genre but as proof of improvement as a VGM composer!

In case anyone recognises me from the ReStaff days and wondered why I had stopped contributing all of a sudden...
it was mainly because I had received a criticism that I kept contributing battle themes, some that sounded similar and I had felt like a one trick pony. So I had essentially left to better myself as a composer, which lead me to having a big arrangement thing on YouTube.

The soundtrack is available in full on my SoundCloud and YouTube!

However it is also available to stream in full on Spotify! Which you can witness below! Feel free to add songs to your personal playlists!

For those wanting to download, you can download the soundtrack for free (or pay what you want) on Bandcamp! It also includes a bonus track which has the vocal version of "The Burdened Spirit" track!

Personal favourites:
- Melody of Lakria
- Flair for the Dynamic!
- Water and Blossoms
- Anima
- Take Up the Blade!
- Bore the Triumphant Juncture!
- Life Begets Death, Death Forgets Life
- Siren's Whisper of Aquarius
- Primordial Magic Perpetual
- Empire of Steel
- The Burdened Spirit
- The Pious Spirit
- The Time Is Now!
- Hear the Dragon's Roar!
- You Are the Guardian
- Fateful Decision!


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Jan 25, 2013
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You've improved so much since I last heard you dude! Correct me if I'm wrong but what I like the most about listening to these is that it feels like you took what inspiration you could from the tracks you arranged/covered and found ways to incorporate them into your own style, to great effect too.

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