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Jun 8, 2015
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Last Shelter
Disclaimer: Blood, death, some swearing, and alcohol mentioned.
Info; RPG, Modern, Apocalypse, "Horror?"


The dead rise and monsters stalk the darkness. Explore the sewer system a small band of survivors have taken over, looting supplies and dealing with threats. All the while managing your resources, and learning to turn the virus back on the monsters it created.
  • Choose from 3 characters at the start, with 4 characters in total over the course of the game. (How well are they balanced/feel different)
  • Manage your resources with limited finds. No Inn, One Medic, All items.(Is this annoying? Too hard? Too easy?)
  • Use parts from fallen enemies to learn their skills as "Strain" attacks, or use them to fund your supply needs from a league of traveling merchants.(Too annoying? Decent Balance? Rather just have gold/coin instead?)
  • Score system based on supplies returned, people helped, and bosses killed. (Currently for fun. Possible turn into some sort of reward system or maybe town/shelter growth).
  • Gain power from bosses or rare rewards in the form of Alpha Gene ranging from Hydro and Toxin to Electric, Blood, and Shadow.(Semi-sub class system. Hydro and Toxin are in the game)

---Download Zip At Dropbox Here---



Anna - Med Student
A kind though naive girl, Anna was in the wrong place or right place depeding on your view. On a trip with friends, she was away from home when the end came. Now part of a band of Surviors, Anna puts her talents to work keeping her new friends and allies healthy and safe. Weak Physically, she brings healing and 'magic' to the team.

Lila - Park Ranger
On a supply run for her station, Lila found herself in the middle of the city when reality was shattered. She now puts her talents of years outdoors to work trying to stay alive. Lila has a talent in working with others; boosting their talents pointing out weak points in enemies. Regardless of when and where, Lila acts almost like a Pack lead in combat.

"Cherry" - Ex Swat
Cherry was off duty when the reports started coming in. And by the time she got to her station, it was already too late. She fights on now for her own survival and to save those around her. She doesn't have Utility but she has damage in spades and can take a hit. Few monsters can survive a ticked off Cherry and her supply of looted police hardware.

"Jas" - Bouncer
Jas was catching some Z's after her late night shift. Only the alarm today was screams and destruction than an annoying beep. Out of work but not luck, Jas teamed up with other survivors and eventually attached herself to a larger group in the sewers. She's a simple woman, see a problem, smash it. She's not stupid but when you have hammer arms like she does anything, including monsters, looks like a nail. Just don't give her a gun, she can't hit the board side of a wall(James hasn't forgiven her).

Dr. Nancy

A Researcher studying the virus that lead to the destruction of the world and the leader of the Sewer Survivors(We don't let Tim name stuff anymore). She doesn't play a large part at first but her leadership and [DNA Combiner] has allowed the group to slowly gain some ground back against the mutants.

Okay No what is this actually?
If you've come this far you might have questions, such as the above.

Hi I'm MerlinCross and this is my first project and thanks for reading this far. This 'game' is more a proof of concept, to which I hope to carry some ideas forward. I'm also doing this as a form of "Halloween" style game, to see how much I can get done before October passed. This was made to be a small "Score" game as a sort of Halloween Jam but it kinda grew. So this will be rough and dirty in some places.

I'm also a tad tired of all the Horrorish games, rather than seeing what you can do with a Zombie/Apocalypse themed game. Thus I took that up. It's a bad world with corpses and lost allies but at the same time you fight and kill the monsters rather than fleeing them or avoiding combat.

Between these ideas, some self searching, and playing some older games(Sonny being a big influence); Last Shelter came to be. But it isn't even being, this is more an idea demo. However I'm at the point where I need someone else to take a look at it and give some feed back.

It's nothing specials just hopefully a tad different. An RPG with a modern setting that's in the process of dying, with a few different touches tacked on. Presently, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get through(I'm unsure how well to do a demo for an RPG). And I hope you enjoyed your time with the game. Or I hope you don't enjoy your time and then take more time to tell me what I did wrong.

Thanks for reading/view and playing.

Saving space for Updates here;


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