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Dec 12, 2012
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Hello everyone,

Its around 3 years off for me here. I am glad to be back and i wanted to share the project that i was working on. The idea is to receive feedback about an early alpha gameplay video that i made at the time. I am feeling motivated to work on it again, polish it and release a playable demo of around 1:30h gameplay time.

Project Title: Lazarus Regress
Synopsis: Lazarus is a young Baron and Heir to the traditional Greystone House. A few days before his marriage with a daughter of a very powerful house, a plot made by a misterious person ends with his assassination.
After that his soul wanders the purgatory, until a powerful demon offers him a pact to come back to his body (life?) to discover the scheme of his death...and for vengeance, that if he manages to defeat the Guardian of the Hell portal that leads to the world of the living. But how will he come back? And if his body is already decrepit? Is the Demon only interested in his soul?
Features: Side view ATB with combos and rows; Special enemies with solid AI; No random battles; multiple difficulties; Multiple endings ( Eg: theres one in early game if Lazarus doesnt accept the Demon's offer); Skill trees; Quick Time Events and much more.
Early alpha video:
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