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    Title: Laze, Detective.
    Author: Baligabalaga (aka megumi014, I don't know how to change my user name :kaoswt2:)
    Rating: PG13 (mild swearing, very very bad puns).
    Genre: Adventure/Visual Novel, Mistery, Detective.

    Current project for the One Map Challenge. It's supposed to be a challenge to finish a small project and I can't even manage that, hence the game project thread (perhaps like this I will motivate myself to finish it lol).

    For now:
    • Map: 1.
    • Events: 6 (5 characters and 1 autorun cutscene).
    • Variables: 4
    • Switches: 1

    Progress: the scripting is almost done (except the choice function), the sprites of the main characters are done, the story is not written yet but is mostly plotted, and I'm not happy with the text box looks :kaosigh:I need to finish the menu too.

    • Robert Chaus, a renowned foreign diplomat, has been found dead on his second residence early this morning. Because of his diplomatic immunity, the police can't make an autopsy or register his house, but they are still determined to find out who murdered the man.

      Luckily, the widow of Robert, Belinda, has acceded to testify together with her son, the housekeeper and the chauffeur, but their testimonies are very contradictory from one another.

      A case in which you don't have to make any legwork, see gruesome crime scenes and you can only interview four witnesses? It seems like a perfect case for our laziest detective, Pastor!

    • Title Screen
      Title Screen.png
    • Menu Screen (ongoing)
    • A couple screenshots (everything ongoing)
      1.png 3.png 6.png

    • Pastor.png
    • Pastor: the laziest detective of the district, probably of the country. No one really knows how he has managed to keep his job for all these years. He can't stand leaving criminals unpunished, but he will try to get away from doing any paperwork or physical effort.

    • Nathan: Pastor's current partner. He is always stressed out, has to make double paperwork and our main detective drives him up a wall with his bad puns. Even so, he is currently the guy that has lasted the most as Pastor's partner, mainly because he is the kind of person that works better off alone.

      Robert Chaus.png
    • Robert Chaus: the victim of this case. A renowned foreign diplomat murdered on his second residence. He had been living on the country for over 7 years carrying out his job.

      Belinda Chaus.png
    • Belinda Chaus: Robert's wife, now widowed. She is unemployed and had been married to Chaus for over 20 years.

      Hans Chaus.png
    • Hans Chaus: The son of Robert and Belinda. He is a student on his last year of high school.

      Maggie Blau.png
    • Maggie Blau: The housekeeper of the second residence of Robert. She is the only staff of the house, and was hired a couple of years ago when Robert purchased his second residence.

      Gregory Hills.png
    • Gregory Hills: The chauffeur of Robert. He was hired a couple of years ago when Robert purchased his second residence, in order to go back and forth between his houses comfortably.

    • Kadokawa

    • Yanfly: Core Engine, Message Core, Load Custom Fonts.
    • HimeWorks: Hidden Choice Conditions (I will probably not use this one since I want to use a custom choice function, but meanwhile I will use this plugin or Yanfly's)

    • Wthdragon Base Character Sprites (for the face expressions).
    • Modern Generator parts from default dlc (I think it's Kadokawa? But I need to make sure).

    • Kingthings Trypewriter 2.
    • Catamaran

      Some pictures from Pixabay.
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