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Apr 10, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I started to learn javascript, but I quickly realized that the books I bought are very web design or software creation oriented.

I would have liked to know if there are books specializing in the creation of scripts or plugins for RPG Maker.
Indeed, I tell myself that with such a community, there must be veterans, experts in javascript, who share their knowledge by selling their book ...

If not, you who are expert in javascript, what books would you recommend?

I have seen Youtube videos on the subject, but it's still very basic and limited. I would have liked to have had a complete book on the subject that allow us to create everything we need to create the game of our dreams.

Personally, I am not interested in the basic features of the game, I would like to rethink everything, up to the presentation of the menus and the design of the frames representing the messages of the characters.

Thank you in advance for your precious help.


Jun 27, 2012
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i think there's no veteran in RM community that share their knowledge by selling books yet (anyone correct me if i'm wrong). especially RM community only used javascript from MV era... in ACE and before they are using ruby...

lots of plugin maker in RM community learn by reading the core script and other people plugins for reference... but that's after having elementary understanding to pure javascript...

to increase understanding to pure javascript you can either visit the links on this thread

this website below also mostly answer lots of my question about javascript... either syntax or problem i encounter...

or if you have problems you could ask in this forum and post your question here. there are lots of community veteran that help people with their question here.

if you already have a basic understanding of javascript... reading core script and see how it 'flow' will give you a great help on building what you want... after that start on small modification of the engine first before gradually increase the difficulty higher...

my recommendation... start by modifying existing method (don't create custom windows and custom scene first)... and do modification you want... then raise the difficulty by creating custom window, custom scene, and so on...

also... you need have to learn how to 'debug'... if you master that it really help you when making the plugin... especially when something doesn't work like what you envisioned... i have some tips for debugging in RM environment...

you can either use console.log() in the plugin itself to print an object when it reach/call that method... and you can see the object print the same as your logic or not...

or... you can hijack some event in editor... we can use event command -> script call: put some console.log() there...
i usually use this debuggin method to print $gameSystem / $gameParty / $gameActors... mostly object that created after the game start... or something that related with Game_Event.

or... you can also hijack skill damage formula to easily print enemy object... i personally make some skill that target one enemy and in the damage formula... i put console.log(b); on the damage formula box... so when i target the enemy using that skill i can print the enemy object... it's usefull to debug enemy object in battle easier...

if you lack of skill in javascript... by mastering the debugging process... with extra effort and trial and error... you can write lots of great plugin with it. and at the same time increase your understanding on javascript and how the engine works.

i'm not veteran expert on javascript... only learn them at college long time ago... and relearn them when MV comes out... but hope this little tips can help you...
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