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Mar 1, 2012
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Recently, we held a fun community event on our forums named “Learning Together”

Our focus for this event was to encourage both teaching and learning about RPG Maker. From tutorials to quick tips, our fantastic RPG Maker fans and community members have blown us away with the wealth of knowledge that was shared.

Now it's time to take that knowledge and apply it!

We want to encourage everyone to create and finish a project – something quick, small and very fun. You can create a mini-game, tell a short side story or simply practice making maps. Whether you're just starting out or have a dozen completed games under your belt, we hope you will feel inspired to jump into creating.

Learning Together Game Jam is a 2-week event that starts today and will run until November 3rd . Each qualifying participant will receive a brand new mini-pack, filled with useful RPG Maker resources (such as tiles or character set). In addition, we will pick 3 random winners to receive a special surprise.

To qualify:

  • All submissions must be made with RPG Maker products. If you do not own RPG Maker, you may use RPG Maker VX-Ace Lite (
  • Your project must not be started before October 20th – this includes planning, as well.
  • Your project must not contain any material that infringes upon anyone's copyright (ex. No rips from other games), any material that is considered illegal or any material that's 18+ (adult-only).
  • Use of DLC is allowed, but your project must be encrypted – this is an EULA requirement for all RPG Maker DLC.
  • Your submission may be added as a topic to these boards. Ideally it will be submitted as an RPG Maker Workshop Item as well. Please be sure to make such submissions play-only and to indicate in the description text that it's a part of the Learning Together Game Jam. You may use also use hosting services such as Dropbox and provide a download link in the thread.

Have fun creating! 
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