Jun 25, 2013
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Legacy of Eathetoria
(Pronounced "E-Thuh-Tor-E-Yuh")


  • The big, major ones are as follows:
    - Battle system is ATB (Things are time/tick-based)
    - Time system (Orange) with manually set dark/light periods and transitions and visible Clock display
    - Lights (Terrax)
    - Crafting system, including material harvesting from nodes, time-based node respawns



    ----- Reignolde (pronounced "Rhine-Old")
    - "Disciple" (second highest only under the Captain) of the Knight's Guild, of the Eathetorian Kingdom's Army.
    - Knight Class is essentially a tanky Warrior with castable buffs to increase ally's stats, wears Heavy Armor, 1H & shield.
    - Main character

    ----- Xalvador (pronounced Zal-Va-Door)
    - "Disciple" of the Barbarian's Guild, of the Eathetorian Kingdom's Army
    - Barbarian Class is a light ("Leather") armor-wearing class that utilizes 2 Handers (either Axe or Sword), each weapon type
    with it's own unique traits: 2H Axes are weaker than swords, but passively have a 10% chance to stun the enemy, which is
    extremely powerful with ATB, because if you stun during the target's "charge up" time, they completely lose their turn and
    the ATB turn bar starts over from empty. 2H Swords are just outright stronger, and each weapon type has it's own unique
    - Best friend to Reignolde, additional info not fully fleshed out yet. But BASICALLY a starting character.

    ----- Sabeline (pronounced Say-Buh-Lean")
    - Princess of Eathetoria
    (Spoiler learned in first 15 minutes of gameplay) Secretly learning sorcery, she is the game's Main spellcaster, capable of utilizing Fire, Frost, Lightning and Arcane Magic (Time-based magic as well, but it's classed as Arcane)
    - NOT a starting character
    - Background and character still under development, with minor bits and some framework started


  • Full overall story and plot still under construction (Feedback & Ideas always welcome)
    The story so far (putting this in spoiler tags in case anyone would rather play a demo and experience it instead. A demo can be made and uploaded if requested, but will not be included initially).
    Knight Reignolde of the Eathetorian Knight's Guild learns a secret about the Princess that rattles him; she is training in secret to learn how to use magic (usually referred to as Sorcery). The first question that comes to his mind is why. He wonders why she would feel the need. After a visit to the King, much is revealed about her motives, some of her backstory, etc., and just like a Switch being toggled, he understands.
    The Princess is kidnapped right out from her room in the castle, presumably by an opposing kingdom, a chat with the King quickly confirms this to be the case. The chase is on to get her back.

    (Exact details of this event are currently being developed, and are therefore open to discussion, but it should be known that she is one of the main party characters, and as such is rescued quite early on (currently sitting in the database as joining by level 12), so nothing too overly long or elaborate, if ideas are pitched)

    Exact reasoning behind her abduction currently not 100% concrete, ideas can be discussed, but the greater idea and setup is to do with a pretty devastating past about to repeat itself for Eathetoria's King.

    Eventual plot plan to include a war between Eathetoria and neighboring kingdom (tentatively named Laronde (pronounced Luh-Ron-Day). Laronde has strictly outlawed Sorcery, and even actively hunts known sorcerers with a type of "new technology" to suppress magic (exact workings aren't 100% yet, the idea is that it weakens/suppresses magic of anyone nearby, possibly silences, or outright counters). The precise reasoning for the Princess' abduction isn't 100% set in stone, but it isn't simply "hey you know our neighbor kingdom's princess is a sorceress, right? shouldn't we do something about that?".

    Other known locations include:
    ----- Stoutheim (pronounced exactly as it looks)
    - Kingdom to the south of Eathetoria, but unlike Eathetoria and Laronde, openly invites and welcomes Sorcerers, and even having a Sorcerers Guild within the kingdom's ranks, unlike Eathetoria and Laronde, who only employ Knights, Barbarians and Assassins.
    - The Man teaching the princess sorcery is stated to be from Stoutheim, though no specific locations or info has otherwise been stated about him, or about the kingdom.

    ----- Savagelands
    - Located north of Eathetoria, barely mentioned so far, the king mentions "very powerful "savages"" said to have come from the north, the idea behind the people from this location is for them to be like Vikings, they don't directly have a kingdom, at least none clearly defined yet

First Boss.jpg
This is an early screenshot of the First Boss in the game. This isn't a storyline boss, but rather, an optional "good thing I happened to explore" boss you can find with no impact on anything related to the main progression, and therefore, incredibly difficult to take on At-Level, but extremely fun and showcases many of the game's awesome combat features very early on.

Night Time.jpg
Night time outside the Castle

Forest at night.jpg
Forests and Outdoor areas that aren't inside a town/village don't have torches to light the area at night, instead, there are some other, more natural means of light. Light within Caves is still up in the air, it would feel kind of awkward having torches all over the place inside a cave, it makes sense in the middle of a village, but inside of a cave I feel like, while convenient, it would just feel silly. Any suggestions?

All screenshots taken from my phone, sorry if they look like trash.

No demo is included at this time, but upon popular request can be produced, and will be uploaded to mediafire.
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@Zerothedarklord Hi there! To take a proper screenshot you can simply hit prt sc (print screen) on your keyboard, then open a program such as Paint and paste it in there.

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