RMMV Legends of Macrocosm

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    Vestige Games consist of two people GentleCyanide and KabukiCat.
    We're casually trying to make a fun Parody Meta RPG "Legends of Macrocosm"
    game in our spare time.

    Full time we work as professional concept artists in the games industry, and were looking for an outlet
    to share our stories and ideas through games.

    The Game

    We're creating a high fantasy RPG game with a Parody and Meta twist to the genre.
    That is fun and pays homage to popular titles in the RPG genre, we aim to create a fun and interesting narrative accompanied with high quality visuals.

    Through unexplainable and ridiculous circumstances a group of friends end up stranded in a foreign Realm struck in chaos and destruction. Upon arriving they manage to save the world through incredible dumb luck , and get anointed as saviors, and imbued with the aura of a "Legend" heroes of worlds, protectors of their realm.

    Throughout the adventure they discover an impending darkness that intends to beset the realms and plunge them into eternal Discord.

    Together our heroes embark on a journey traversing different worlds and help each world's anointed "Legend" drive away and banish the darkness that plagues the worlds of Macrocosm ill.

    The game is currently under its RnD and concepting stages and were trying to make a Prototype to solve problems like core gameplay , and the basic game mechanics and overall art directions we will take.

    For now here are some available art benchmarks to see what to expect from the game.

    Character Portraits and Dialogue Mockups


    Map and Assets Quality and Art Directions

    Character Concepts

    We look forward to sharing more with everyone! feel free to ask questions about the game and also maybe some suggestions on plugins that might compliment on our possible gameplay in the future!

    Also we do have a Patreon page, it is not really necessary because we do this as a hobby and on our free time.
    but if we get enough supporters we can focus more and more time into polishing and finishing the game! :)


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