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    Rules for Let's Play / Live Stream Hub

    This is a subforum where users can post their own Let's Play (videos, or screenshots, either is fine) or Live Stream topic and others can discuss what's going on.

    Topic creator rules:

    • You must need at least 20 posts and to post and start a topic here
    • Your Let's Play should be about a game made in any of the RPG Makers (or IG), any other engine is not allowed
    • Your Live Stream should be about RPG Maker games or the creation of RPG Maker games and anything surrounding that (programming, art, music etc.)
    • You can only have one Let's Play / Live Stream topic, how you organize it is up to you
    • Be constructive in your criticism about the game you're playing, don't just bash it without merit
    • You are allowed to double post if you have an update to post and are the creator of your own topic
    • When posting videos, simply paste the URL of the video into your post and it should automatically turn into a video

    General rules:

    • Be respectful of other members and don't call someone "stupid" or "dumb" because they couldn't figure something out
    • Don't double post (for the regular members), edit your previous post if you've got something to add
    • You can necro-post in this sub, no topics will get locked
    • Don't post your own LP in someone else's topic, or try and get people to view yours instead
    • General forum rules still apply here unless states otherwise
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