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    User: Frogboy
    Bug: Crash on level up
    How to Replicate the Bug:
    • Create a new project
    • Increase the maximum number of skills to 11
    • Assign skill 11 to be gained by Harold at level 2
    • Decrease the maximum number of skills back to 10
    • Set the slime to give 100XP. Might as well set the Slime to 1HP as well for quick testing.
    • Do a battle test against the Slime either in game or in the editor
    • When you win the battle, the game will try to assign this removed skill to Harold and crash
    Other: While this bug is the result of user error, it's probably something that should be handled without crashing the game.


    You can fix this by simply adding a check to make sure the skill exists.
    Game_Actor.prototype.displayLevelUp = function(newSkills) {
        var text = TextManager.levelUp.format(this._name, TextManager.level, this._level);
        newSkills.forEach(function(skill) {
            if (skill) {
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