Jul 14, 2018
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[LGP] Easy Bridge v1.2


Eventing bridges in RMMV is for the most part a simple procedure. However, if we want to expand the ability of the bridge to better adapt to the player's movement, we have a lot of extra stuff to take care off. This plugin does that for you. In other words: this plugin creates dynamic and interactable bridges on the map.

Due to RPG Maker MV beeing weak with a prefab like pattern, we have to build a heavy workaround.
For programmers, use it as a reference and write a stable plugin instead.

Required Plugins
You are required to have these plugins above mine in order for this here to work:
YEP_EventCopier - To get data from spawn map.
Galv_EventSpawner - Needs the spawning mechanic.

[DONE] Creating a Bridge while playing.
[DONE] Options for Direction and length.
[DONE] Destroy the Bridge.
[DONE] Play Create-Animation for Bridge.
[DONE] Play Destroy-Animation for Bridge.
[DONE] Create a Bridge from custom start point.
[DONE] Player can walk under the bridge.
[ ] Two Events can control their bridge. Like a synch command between events. (Gotta fix the current logic before release.)
[ ] Plugin should be an extension of YEP_EventCopier. Main objective here is to move away from the Galv_EventSpawner.

Easy Bridge01.png

How to Use
Setup steps:
  1. Get the required Plugins and place them above this one on the plugin list:
  2. If not done aready: Create a spawn Map and put it's id on the parameter settings on YEP's and Galv's Plugins.
  3. Create 4 new Tiles on spawn map: One for a bridge tile facing sideways, one for a bride tile facing frontways, one empty but passable tile for the bridge entrances and lastly one tile that acts like a ladder.
  4. Setup these new tiles in the parameter settings of this plugin.
Plugin Commands
- This command creates a bridge right next to the event
- If the bridge has multiple directions set, the opposite position of the player in relation of the event will be used. Means that if the player stands on the west side of the event, the bridge spawns east.
- Only one bridge can be managed on the event.
<direction> [NWSE] place either one or more of these direction strings as parameter. If two or more directions are specified, the bridge will only use the direction of the player's current position. Saying Player stands left from the event, the bridge will create a bridge to East.
<length> An integer value that determines the length of the bridge. Please consider that all directions will have the same length. This will get patched someday.

Bridge NW 4
Creates a 4 tile long bridge to the north and west. The player has to activate from either south or east the event in order to create a bridge.

Bridge S 3
Creates a 3 tile long bridge to the south side of the activated event. The player can activate the bridge from any direction.

- Removes the bridge from it's event.

- Lets you set a custom spawn point for the Bridge.
- Put this command above the "bridge" command.
<offset> Format "x,y". X and Y values should both be present and paired with a comma. Keep in mind that your offset should be there, where the event of the bridge would be. Its' currently one tile behind the brdige.

BridgeOffset 23,2
The bridge will spawn from position 23,2 of the map. The bridge spawns on the tile next to the offset Position.

- Put this above the "bridge" command to let it know you want to make a ladder.


Q: Is a patch coming?
A: No.

This Plugin if free for all. Use it as you see it fit.

Change Log
-Stable Release.
- Fix for Followers walking across the bridge.
- Updated Code. It should run more consistently.
- Added animation for spawning and despawing a bridge tile.
-Fixed missing meta data from spawned events for GALV_CharacterAnimations.

Yanfly and Galv for their plugins.
Lunar Guard Plugins by Azel

Thread Updates
- New release to fix a problem with GALV_CharacterAnimations.
- Replaced the misleading screenshot with a gif.

Author's Notes
Manually eventing bridges is a pain. Now imagine to code one. Its' possible to encounter some bugs. So be patient as I've to fix some of the known issues. Also, if requested a YT Video for better clarity on the setup.
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Jul 21, 2018
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Great plugin, thanks for it, just a couple of issues I'm having; I can't make the bridges passable, the parts of the bridge that are over water or any unpassable tiles you can't walk over the bridge (I did check and the events on the spawn map are passable), the blank tiles on each point of the bridges are passable if they are on top of walkable tiles. Basically, the bridge is only visual for me. Another issue I'm having is getting error if I try to spawn a bridge with Galv's Character Animations plugin ON, so it's not compatible.

Appreciate the plugin, would be happy if you had any idea on how to fix any of my issues.


Jul 14, 2018
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Appreciate the plugin, would be happy if you had any idea on how to fix any of my issues.

The functionality of the plugin still works on my project. If you believe all plugin parameters are correct then we'll have to check your events have the right commands.


Despite the cap being 3 tiles wide, the actual bridge is 5 tiles wide. Tile 1 and 5 are the invisible tiles you have to set up in the parameters, so that the player cant access the bridge from the wrong side. The priority will be adjusted dynamically by the plugin.
But to be sure we set the priority to the event on the spawn map to "below character".

The Plugin Command on this bad boy was: "BridgeOffset 13,12" (starting point of the bridge; the blue marked tile) and "Bridge E 5".

Also check inside the plugin manager the order of the three plugins. YEP_EventCopier and GALV_EventSpawner should be on top of LGP_EasyBridge.

I'll look into the incompatibility issue with GALV_CharacterAnimations. Just download the new release [v1.2]. It should fix this problem.

I hope it solved your problem. If not, then I'll need you to screenshot me all of your setup.
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