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Jul 4, 2012
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Light of the Dim VXA (project found here: needs

a scripter or two to help develop the game.

I am really good at eventing, photoshop, story flow, etc., but I can NOT script to save my life. I need some expertise here to help with the progress of the title.

The main thing I am needing at the moment is:

A New Menu System

In the style of the MOG series of menu systems. I can cover the photoshopping if anyone can put together the scripts and layouts. A complete overhaul to create a unique style to the game.

The scripts are NOT limited to just this. If anyone is wanting to team up with me to do this, you will have all access to the game's resources and up-to-date builds. You will also have creative input and be greatly credited in the game as part of the production team.

If anyone is interested or needs more information, please contact me here via messages and we'll discuss a way to communicate through other means (messengers, preferably).

I hope to hear from someone soon.

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