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Apr 12, 2020
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Hello everyone. I am using LNM_LightingTool to create some basic lighting to lift up the atmosphere.
It works fine in every regard. However one thing that bugs me is that whenever I delete an event that has lighting, the lighting disappears, just how I want it to. The thing is, when I open the menu and exit it again, the lighting is back.
To bring this into context;
I have on-screen enemies in my game and in some parts these enemies are present in darker-lit maps. And you as the player should of course be able to spot these enemies, hence why they have lighting effects (also because on-screen enemies are represented by flames, duh).

When you defeat the flames, they disappear (and the lighting with them, logically). This works fine, until you open the menu and close it again, in which case the flame remains gone, but the lighting is back.

So if possible, is there a way to fix this and if not, are there any alternatives?
I just need a really basic lighting system and nothing flashy. I already though about just removing all lighting sources that are temporary and just keeping all the permanent ones.

Edit: I have moved on to another lighting plugin that suits my needs for now.
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