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    Liquid Fire - Beta v0.30


    Made with RMVXAce.


    Liquid Fire. Play the game as a boy called Silver. You start out waking up in some kind of strange dimension. You have no clue who you are and why you're here. And then some sort of white ghost comes around telling you almost killed your allies in a big fight! Find out what happened. Help out the people around you and the people around you will help you.


    Join him alongside on a great adventure. Meet friends to help you with your journey. Buy & selling feature, craft weapons & armor, mine ores & harvest wood, play minigames, find secrets, follow the main story line or do some side-quests. Find out what really happened and help Silver regain his memory!










    Move your character using the arrow keys.

    Use space to interact with an object or person.

    Hold shift to sprint.

    Use the F1 key to change the keybindings to your likings.

    Use the F5 key to switch to full-screen.




    Initial release.



    Minor bug & dialog fixes.



    -  Storyline progression updated!

    -  Max level now is 15.

    -  On levelup, health and mana are fully restored.

    -  Fishing available.

    -  Woodcutting available.

    -  Mining available.

    -  The blacksmith (works, but doesn't craft everything), the inn

       and serveral other shops have been added.

    -  Minigame fixed.

    -  Secret Lesley added.

    -  Start, jailer, boat and serveral other "older quests" updated.

    -  Multiple secret caves/dungeons added.



    -  Minor storyline progression update (including a boss)!

    -  ~5% EXP buff & ~15% Gold buff.

    -  Pre-start added & adjusted the previous start accordingly.

    -  Ores and logs are able to respawn!

    -  New side-quest added in Naylor City.

    -  New game-over screen added.

    -  Another minigame added.

    -  Fishing quest & fishing pools fixed.

    -  Tier and armor descriptions added to weapon, armor and accessoirs.

    -  Added a ton of new icons for the current and future weapons and armor.

    -  The blacksmith is now able to craft anything he should be able to.

    -  Mrs. Pads after grandson save quest fixed.

    -  Shops "cancel" button faceset fixed & the skill store got a new shopkeeper.

    -  Grassy Walk renamed to Grassy Park and added some logs.

    -  Falling damage buffed by 400% and you are now able to die from falling damage.

    -  Orc's health & defence nerfed by ~15%.

    -  Triple shot skill damage nerfed by ~45%. 

    -  Heal skill buffed by ~10%.

    -  Daisy's MAT scaling increased by 15%.



    -  New message system added, including a new font and nameplates.

    -  The skill shop has been removed. I have a replacement planned, but isn't available for testing

        just yet.

    -  Cropped some of the game files, reducing the total game size by ~35MB.

    -  Kyra NPC added.

    -  Icons added & updated.

    -  Added a bunch of new skills.

    -  Cheating device added. This will only persist through beta testing and currently only allows

       gold generation & instant level ups.

    -  Rage potion & ultimate rage potion added.

    -  Weapons now give you a bonus depending on the weapon type: Swords give 5% hit, bows give

       5% crit and staves give 5% magical evasion.

    -  The blacksmith now craft swords instead of axes.

    -  ~5% global gold buff.

    -  Updated spell & magic tooltips to be more exact.

    -  Poison damage deals nerfed by 50%.

    -  Blind hit chance reduction nerfed by 30%.

    -  Triple Shot nerfed by 15%.

    -  Cleave buffed by 20%.

    -  Jellyfish blind rate nerfed.

    -  Daisy's "normal" attacks now deal holy damage, instead of physical.

    -  Combat bug crash fixed.

    -  Respawn point when dying to the jellies fixed.

    -  Logs graphical glitch in the Grassy Park area fixed.

    -  Poison Vial fixed.

    -  Mystic Spell apply rate & strenght fixed.

    -  And more minor fixes/database changes.



    -  5 new NPCs added (mostly villagers, nothing of importance).

    -  Updated the "starting zone" to reflect the story line better.

    -  Minor dialog fixes.


    v0.3 - Most recent version:

    -  Storyline and content progression update!

    -  Level cap raised to level 20!

    -  New skills to fill in the gap in between level 15 and level 20. You now gain a new skill every 2 levels.

    -  Voice acting added for some cinematics.

    -  Fishing completely remade. You can no longer obtain a fishing rod. Instead, you can buy a fishing harpoon from Fisherman Fry and use it at any water surface (instead of having to find a "fishing pool").

    -  Cooking added. You can now cook raw food you've obtained.

    -  The blacksmith is undergoing another revamp, making him unavailable for now. He also got an apprentice to help him out.

    -  The guard skill is only available to tanking classes.

    -  The jailer setting has been moved and edited slightly.

    -  When a hero dies, he will now drop dead instead of keeping his/her running animation.

    -  New BGMs added. (Thanks to our composer: Sancturius)

    -  Increased boss experience gains massively.

    -  Disabled sprinting while in houses, caves and dungeons.

    -  Resized and repositioned most animations to fit better on their targets.

    -  Gave Reckless Jab a new animation and fixed the animation in Greg's Tent.

    -  Reworked the way poison arrow & poison vial work. It no longer deals true damage. Instead, it does scaling physical damage.

    -  Cheat detection added. When you finish the game it will now give you a "code" (to prove you've beaten it). This code changes depending on whether you've used cheats or not.


    Average game lenght:

    Casual: ~ 2 hours.

    Speedrun: ~ 1 - 1.5 hour.

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