Little Fix for Moghunter's MV Menu System Skills Screen XY SW Par Problem


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Oct 21, 2016
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EDIT: Moghunter updated his skills screen with this fix, so if you download the newest version this will already be fixed, you could also do what I did though if you prefer.

I'm not sure if every release of this script has this issue but I'm using the one that came with his Master_MV_18_3r zip. Which was a demo to show all of his scripts.

While working with the MOG_SceneSkill plugin (which is what controls your skills screen of your menu if you are using his menu script) I noticed that the SW Par X-Axis (which controls the hp/mp/name position for the actor window at the top independently from the Actor Window Axis) Was written out twice in the parameters, but the second one was meant to control the Y axis. This was causing both options to control only one of the x and y axis's, and every time you hit save regardless of which one you changed they would both become the same number.

The fix for this is very simple.

open the .js up with notepad and change these 2 letters from X to Y. (I did cntrl+f to search and typed in SW Par to make it easier to find)

the first mistake is on line 85, change the X to a Y to fix the typo in the parameters
it looks like this (before it's fixed)
* @param SW Par X-Axis

the second mistake is on line 179, change the X to a Y to fix the actual code itself
it looks like this (before it's fixed)
Moghunter.scSkill_AS_ParY = Number(Moghunter.parameters['SW Par X-Axis'] || 0);

Side Note: You will notice this string of the code is written out twice for both of those. BE CAREFUL WHICH ONE YOU CHANGE! You want the top one for both to stay as an X to handle the x-axis, only change the duplicates.

PS: I hand counted which line it was on because notepad doesnt show you so if im off by a line or two let me know, I suggest just doing cntrl+f to find it though, much easier that way, and you should be able to see which one is the duplicate pretty easily.
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