little help ? ("copy mechanic")


Jul 27, 2019
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Excuse me for being extremely specific with this one,
BUT, (in RPG Maker MV)
would there be a way (or script) to copy enemies and use whatever traits they have, be it overworld or battle.
another way to explain it would be:
if the main character copied this enemy,
Her overworld and battle sprite would now be that and she would use/have the general attacks and stats that it would.

Like a simple head bonk attack, low defense and attack, and various overworld/NPC interaction situations.

Sorry for being so specific, but I would be happy if anyone responds.

(ps: would there also be a way to be able to open a selection menu for aquired copies., this one isn't as important but it would be cool to have)

Thank You and have a nice day :)


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Jul 22, 2014
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Tough one. It's definitely possible with enough work and creativity, but I think you'll need a lot of both.

The way I'd probably do it is to have a Common Event that looks at the enemy ID for the enemy you "Copy", and then changes every single aspect necessary for the Actor - their Sprite (Change Actor Graphic), their Stats (Change Parameter), their Skills (Forget Skills, Add Skills), etc. You'd also need a way to store the Actor's original data so that it can be replaced when they transform back. And you would branch the conversations in the overworld based on what enemy is copied - that's easy to do in a technical sense but will require you to hand-write every single scenario for every single NPC. No shortcuts.

Because of the complexity and amount of work involved, I don't recommend doing this in your first project. It's very likely to burn you out and turn you off to game-making. Or if you feel strongly about doing it, create everything else in your game first, and then add the mechanic on at the end, making it as detailed as you like.

If you don't need this Copy move available within combat, and there's only one character with the Copy ability, then it becomes a little easier - you can simply have a lot of different actors (one for each "Copyable" enemy), and swap that Actor into your party in place of the Copy User (setting their HP, MP, and Level appropriately) when the Copy move is used.

There might be a plugin somewhere that makes this all easier, but I'm not aware of any offhand.


Mar 5, 2013
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There are two different ways to handle this, both rather similiar but not working the way you might expect.
What is important here to remember is that the player does not see how the result is created internally.

There might be a plugin somewhere that makes this all easier,
Search for a "capture enemy" plugin. those usually work by creating new actors based on a captured enemy to use that enemy as a party member.
The difference is that instead of adding the captured enemy, you replace the actor with it.

the other way to do this functions similiarly, just with a lot of work replacing the plugin: you simply create one actor for each enemy that could be used to transform your main actor, and then switch them.

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