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Dec 15, 2018
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I had an idea last night that maybe someone out there might be able to pull off a flaming avatar that could be used in the extended generator to create a race of lave people...

Resource Type: Character parts, Icons, and Battlers

Maker Format: MV

Art style: MV RTP, with sprite graphics, face images and parts (Male, female AND kid, please, for all! This way developers have access to variety!

It is up to the artist whether they want to bother with making different hair and face parts that can be used with the flame avatars.

For reference, I give you... Well, the internet, and every flaming character ever created.
Your inspiration is up to you.
EXCEPT for demons, and Ghost Rider. I would like living fire, not a flaming skull...

Please make sure, if you are not making firey hair or face parts, that the face graphic will be usable with regular parts if the developer so desires. I'm sure there are people who would rather put regular hair parts on their characters.
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