RMMV Living in Yowyn (idea for elona fangame)

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    The idea came up a long time ago when I notice this :
    Fanart by Rueken / Harusame
    There's a lot of beautifully drawn Elona fanart by her.

    About Elona - Eternal League of Nefia
    The original game itself is a roguelike RPG with a lots of hilarious content and mechanic. I'm a big fan of Elona, thus I came up with the idea to make a fangame dedicated for it.


    Living in Yowyn
    The idea is just like "another harvest moon like" game, but with "badass" touch. I mean there will be mafia, murder, deception, faction and such. My intention is to make a game about social survival. At least that's the concept.

    The World of Irva
    In this fantasy world, there's strange fogs (like radiation) brought forth by the eastern wind that causes any living being to mutate, grow violent and mad. This phenomenon is called Etherwind, and it occurs at least once a month. Although it's as dangerous as it sounds, the people can't deny that the ether disease is also a blessing to their land. Of course crops and breeds that grow in a matter of days can't be a bad thing. Business is always thriving in Yowyn.

    Back Story
    Two sibling tired of living a scum life in Rogue's Den Derphy. Both finally decided to ran away and planned to start a new life in Yowyn. But changing lifestyle from drug addict to honest worker is not that easy...

    The Sibling
    The Little Brother and The Big Sister. They can't help but to be a part of society to survive on their new live in Yowyn.
    • Otto the Little Brother
      (Name reference from "Otouto" which mean younger brother and "Otou" which mean father)
      Brawny muscle stoic dude who have a father-like personality. Surprisingly calm and preserved, but can be as dangerous as he looks when it comes to protect his big sister. He is diligent and efficient at work. Good at doing service related task.

    • Anneq the Big Sister
      (Name reference from "Ane" and "Aneki" which mean respected older sister)
      Short slender lax girl who have respectful yet bossy personality. Typical lazy bumpkin, but while in bad mood, she can be described as wild and violent. Pretty knowledgeable and charismatic. Good at doing social related task.
    Affiliation determine which group you are currently belong to. What kind of people you started to hanging out with. It's not something for you to decide, but society will always judge you by the kind of friend you have made.
    The straight bold line mean this faction can't do anything against the other's end.

    The Sibling start from being the part of The Syndicate. Their affiliation is ever changing whenever they are doing a big favor to one who belong to the part of the society group.
    • The Syndicate
      It's not against the law if they never find out. The thief, the scum and the source of all evil belongs here.
      Boons : Access to black market and other illegal service.
      Goods : Drugs, stolen item, and counterfeit.
    • The Adventurer
      Unbound souls doing the world favors. Some may called them the free folks, tourist or wanderer.
      Boons : Bonus to quest service.
      Goods : Monster part and rare loots.
    • The Guild
      Money can buy everything. All the business enthusiast compete to become the wealthiest among the others.
      Boons : Bonus to trade service and shop discount.
      Goods : Trade goods and trinkets.
    • The Commonfolk
      Family stay strong together. Your friendly neighborhood, the ordinary people and the commoners.
      Boons : Gain relationship point faster, stable mood, and free daily goods.
      Goods : Food, produce, and raw material.
    • The Kingdom
      Symbol of justice, law, and order. The guards and nobles are bound to abide to the rules and the king's word.
      Boons : Access to restricted area and contract services.
      Goods : Contracts, deeds, and tokens.
    Reserved for later

    List of Ideas for the Game Feature
    • Control Two Different Character!
      The little brother? Or the big sister? For every start of the day, you've got to choose which character to wake up first. You control that one for the whole day while your other sibling automatically doing their specific daily routine and treated as NPC. On evening, your sibling probably waste their time at the bar.

    • Many Stuff To Do!
      Categorized by service and social. Service related stuff ranged from farming, crafting, cooking, mining, scouting, hunting, etc basically physical labor. Social related stuff ranged from trading, making a deal, favor, demand, request, conversing, etc.

    • Static Time Phase
      Time will only advance when you did certain action or changing map. Beside of making it easier to develop behavior of all NPC, player may plan their action carefully without having the need to races against time.
    • Mood and Interest
      Every character, including the player have 3 level of mood : bad, normal, and good. Mood changes randomly everyday for NPC. Interest is the number of time you can interact with the character for today.

    • Credit and Relationship Level
      Credit is like the NPC's experience point used to "level up" their relationship status toward you as they grow to understand you. Credit can be personally gained by interacting with the said NPC. Relationship level up the next day after you fulfill the requirement and will reset your credit to 0.

      Level 0 || Stranger (initial)
      Can only interact normally and access small favor.
      Level 1 || Acquaintance (req 100 credit & do small favor)
      Unlock access to big favor and giving gift.
      Level 2 || Friendly (req 500 credit & do big favor)
      Unlock access to huge favor, small demand, and big demand. May change to distrust.
      Level 3 || Trustworthy (req 2000 credit & do huge favor)
      Unlock access to huge demand. May change to hate.

    • Favor and Demand
      Is a quest / request generated by Player / NPC with certain mood and level of relationship.
      Favor can be accessed from NPC with bad mood. Doing favor gain you some credit and change mood to good.
      Demand can be accessed from NPC with good mood. Demanding consume credit and change mood to normal.
      The kind of the favor / demand is listed as following order of small, big, and huge.

      Small Favor / Demand
      - Spending some time (1~2 hour)
      - Doing errand
      - Asking for cheap stuff / money
      Big Favor / Demand
      - Meeting event. Spending whole day (until night)
      - Persuade other NPC (within affiliation)
      - Asking for expensive stuff / money
      Huge Favor / Demand
      Doing huge favor immediately switch your affiliation.
      - Persuade / hurt / protect other NPC (outside affiliation)
      - Asking for absurd stuff / money
    Reserved for later
    Reserved for later

    Fair reminder that this is all still just an old idea of mine that I have been working on for long time. I am afraid of letting it rot in my archive, so it's better to just share it. Whenever I have the mood and the time, I will probably update this thread.

    Any suggestion is open~
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    Not too familiar with these kinda games but I like the way your idea sounds :o I'm not too fond of the still time idea, but I guess that if it turns out more like a Devil Survivor game it'd be pretty good-- and in the end, we all have our likes and dislikes, so I'm just saying o/

    The thing I like the most is probably the faction idea. I really like games with those and hope you can execute it pretty well ^^
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    Sound Great on the ideas! I will wait when you show me more detail. Good job on creating a detail on Social Structure.
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    I don't usually play harvest moon type of games, they're not usually my type, but I really like how you've thought and planned the game out!

    I've just got one question, about the affiliation system, can a single character have more than one of those, or is it one per character? How are you planning that out?

    I probably won't play this in the future, but still good luck with it! :)
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    Update. Writing more detail. For some reason I can't upload picture... might try again later on different PC.

    The affiliation only mean to determine which group you hang out more to. There can't be neutral or multiple affiliation you can side with. But then you can always switch side with consequence... And although I mentioned able to control two character, both represent "The Sibling" as in one family. They will share same relationship and affiliation status. Both will be responsible for what the others are doing.
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