Apr 3, 2020
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Hey everyone wanted to share a problem i have been facing, I am close to releasing my first VN, i tested the browser build locally on http file server and everything seems to run well on my local machine testing, so I went ahead and uploaded the VN package on and GameJolt, and came across the following problems :

1) When you select a load game instance - The "are you sure?" screen pops up without "Yes" and "No" options, so the user can't really load their game instance cause the "YES" and "NO" options are not visible.


2) I have 2 video overlays (both webm format) on my main menu for aesthetics, both are done the same way using "show video" and "blend video" commands, one of the videos doesn't work on gamejolt/ even when both overlays are done the same way using "show video" and "blend video" commands, HOWEVER, both overlays work fairly well in desktop based build.

I have been using Scene based UI for my project, the aforementioned issues have NOT been encountered in desktop builds/packages i did for the game and they have been working fairly well to my expectations.

Please help me out if you can as these are the final hurdles in the launch of my project, thanks.

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