Jan 29, 2017
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Hi there! Not sure if logos fall into the category of "resources", but here we go:

I have some experience in graphic design. I have created formal logos for companies and websites, but I realized that RPG logos are different, and hard to make (compared to my personal style). I have made at least 3 models for my logo but I don't like how the look so far.

Anyway, I'm looking for someone who could make a logo for me. I'm currently working in a game I am making with RPG Maker MV. Below you will find all the specifications I want for the logo as well as reference images:

Genre: Medieval/Fantasy
Game title: Ergo Pacifex
Reference pics:
Elements: Since the game is about politics and avoiding war, I would like to see something like feathers, owls, doves/pigeons, a book or anything that resembles peace and diplomacy. If not possible, an abstract shape would also work.
Notes: Basically (as you can see from the references) I want something similar to Final Fantasy logos, monochromatic (preferably something yellowish, or gray, like the first logo in the reference spoiler from "The Last Story")
Commercial use: YES

Given the fact that I'm asking for many specific things, I would have posted this on classifieds, but I am still not allowed to post there, so...

p.s. The artist will (obviously) be credited in my game

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