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Discussion in 'RGSS Script Requests' started by Kouwelm, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Resource Type: Menu Script

    Maker Format: XP

    Art Style: GBC inspired

    Description: A menu that looks a lot like the Survival kids GBC menu, however, I only want Name shown above like the menu (Maximum 5 letters) plus LIFE with a 100 percentage on the right (that changes based on health) side plus the character profile (Customizable) stretched bigger but still retaining a perfect square. (It doesn't have to be any length increase.) Also maybe possible to have the items show descriptions as shown below? If that's not possible then I'll gladly take it without it!
    On the left I only want ITEM, BACK, SAVE, LOAD.


    Reference Images:

    If you can help in any way for my project/game and need more details or would like to assist me even more on the game, message me!
    Thank you!
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