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Oct 16, 2012
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Hey all,

I'm looking for someone interested in helping out with a basically complete project. No mapping, spriting, scripting or animation skills required, but I do need someone with a good eye for making a long journey "fun". My project has been in a 'completed' state for some time now, but I've been constantly adding things like NPC's, quests, dialogue changes, etc., but there is plenty of room for improvement on all those fronts.

I have the story in place, I have Point A and Point B and the quests that will move the characters move from one point to the other.

Here's a link to the project thread on this forum with the download and all relevant information: 

This project is for MV.

What I need is someone who can help me make the journey more interesting and engaging, through battle systems, puzzles, mini-games, leveling, dialogue and things of that nature. I only ask that anything added be meaningful to the world, characters and plot, not simply putting something in there just to have it.

You should be comfortable offering feedback and suggestions during this process regarding story, progression, quests, mapping, etc. The work you do on this project will be carried on into subsequent volumes(already have a decent start on Volume 2).

Life keeps me from devoting a whole lot of time so I work on it when I can and that's all I'll ask of you, work on it when you can. There are no deadlines or anything so if you're looking for a project that you can hop on once a week or so, do a thing or two and then get on with your life until you have time again without someone constantly nagging at you to get things done, then maybe this is for you.

If you might be interested or have any questions I can answer, please send me a PM.

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