FREE Looking for a pixel artist and writer for a survial horror. Beginners welcome.


Aug 4, 2021
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Engine: RPGMV

Synopsis: *
Ascent of the wretched* a survival horror with a mix of turn based combat (inspired by sweet home and parasite eve)and running away segments.
the game starts as you , Paige a detective. There have been missing children all across the city around the same time
A foreign tech company buys an old factory on the ocean so you are sent to investigate, only to discover some mutantcreatures within the bottom of there lab.

(Later discovered they found a mysterious opening in the depths of the ocean that that has a strange new bacterial strain they were experimenting with on animals only to discover by mixing it with adolescents dna it has regrowth and reanimate abilities. The lead scientist Oswald was secretly was abduting human children to run test on , his prime motive was to bring back his deceased wife and daughter.)

After confronting him the lab seems to going through some kind of a earthquake .(later to find out that bacteria was a substance leaked from hell itself and all the children killed that close to the gates of hell were considered virgin sacrifice. And the gates are began to open.)
Oswald says something along the lines of "I may as well give you the easy way out" and shoots you in the head.

You wake in a abandoned hospital in the different city ,5 years later out of coma. (The milarty had done a sweep and evacuation and found you barely alive.)
You find someone else in the hospital whos now has critical injury and explains they have been taking care of you in there for the last 6 months as this city has now been over run as well and learn about 40% of the earth has been taken over. They die and you are now alone and unarmed. The creatures in the hospital are nothing like the ones you seen in the lab(they are low undead from hell. And later discover the gates are slowly opening more to let bigger more dangerous demons into the world.

Positions/Roles Needed: writer for helping with plot ,dialogs, character development and sidequests.

Pixel artist:sprites ,animation, enemies and tilest

My Role(s)/Position(s): I will also being pixel art, writingas well as, music, sfx mapping, eventing.


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Sep 6, 2021
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I'd be interested! I'm not a pro in any of the fields you're looking for but it's always nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Do you have any screenshots/concept art ?

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