RMMV Looking for a set of compatible plugins: Visual equipment, poses, more than 3 frames


Sep 12, 2016
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I'm mainly asking in hopes that someone else has already implemented this in their own game and can give me some pointers.

What I'm looking for is a set of plugins for RMMV that are compatible with one another (or can be made compatible with small adjustments) and provide the following functionality:
  1. Visual equipment for armor (weapons optional) on map sprites - battlers and downed sprites not needed, faces might be nice, but also not necessary. Preferably with an option to recolor equipment graphics (i.e. two different pieces of armor use the same sprite with different hues, so only one image file is needed for both of them) Alternatively: Multi-layered actor sprites where the graphic for each layer can be changed via script or plugin command.
  2. The ability to use character sprites with different numbers of frames (at least between 2 and 8). Ideally with an option/default setting to loop the animation starting from pattern index 0 all the way to the end (e.g. 0,1,2,3,4,0,1,2,3,4....) instead of the default 1,0,1,2.
  3. The ability to specify various animated poses for actors that work with both visual equipment and different frame numbers.
  4. Retaining the ability to deploy the game a) with encryption and b) for web (which rules out SRDude's character creator that only runs on NodeJs - which I only realized after spending ages making it somewhat compatible with Galv's character frames and adding more poses).
So far, I'm aware of TAA_CharacterPoses (frames and poses), Galv's Character Frames (frames), MBS Visual Equipment (VE), and Rexal's visual equipment plugin (VE, poses, recolorable, but not supported anymore(?)). All of them do part of what I want, but I haven't tested them for compatibility, and there are likely other ones as well. I'm fine with having to write my own patch for it, as long as I have somewhat of a base to work from; I'd just like to find the plugins that are most likely to work before I start coding and setting up my images.

Any help is appreciated!

Edit: I'm currently working with the Rexal and Galv plugins, and it looks like I might be getting somewhere with some edits to Galv's plugin... will have to do more testing.
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