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    Machine and Magic is a story that has been in the works since 2012, and I've been writing the novel since mid 2014. I figured it would be an interesting change of pace to turn Machine and Magic into an RPG.


    The year is 326, of the Ninth Era, and the continent of Alnora is reeling from the aftermath of a brutal Ten Year War. The immortal Armaea Tillarand has ruled Galthir for three hundred years, worshipped as a deity, as she gathered the disparate factions of Alnora into the United Alnora Federation, or U.A.F.​
    A young woman named Angela returns to her father, the mayor of Marta, after fleeing from the Anthello Military Academy, and find that her father has fired his entire staff for no adequately explored reasons. Things become more mysterious, and more deadly, as a strange girl arrives on their doorstep with the U.A.F. hot on her heels, thrusting Angela, and her father's assistant, Aurin, into an ancient conspiracy of gods, superweapons, and the fall of a place called "Earth".​
    Alnora is a supercontinent, and is home to many different societies and ethnicities. Players will be able to explore all of Alnora, city by city, after gaining access to an airship. In lieu of generic medieval archetypes, Machine and Magic takes place in a world reminiscent of the 1940s, with diesel powered automobiles, high powered firearms, and a seedy underbelly of crime that influences governments.​
    Machine and Magic will be a tactical turn-based-RPG, reminiscent of Disgaea, Valkyria Chronicles, and Arc the Lad. Players will have access to many different kinds of characters, such as Aurin, who is a gifted "sorcerer", Mara, who is a no-holds-barred spectral assassin, and Edric, a cock-sure M.A.S pilot who feels at home in the sky.​
    Characters take their turns moving across the board; The amount of space they can move will be relegated to a yellow "AP" bar; Once the AP bar runs out, you cannot move any farther, but you are still able to carry out actions such as attacking or healing.​
    The battles will vary greatly in scope, from bar-room brawls to city-wide skirmishes that can take up to an hour to win. ​
    A little into the game, players will gain access to a Mobile Artillery Suit codenamed "The Eidolon", and throughout the course of the story will face off against other such deadly mechs. Mechs will be upgradable, with such enhancements as different gun types, thruster speed, and thicker armor plating.​
    After landfall, players will be able to explore each city on foot or by car, each one containing myriad side quest givers, merchants, and story moments.​
    I am the principal writer, and have enough of the story to start the game. However, my experience with RPG Maker or IG is slim to none, so I'd be willing to work with people more familiar with these game engines to produce a product everyone will enjoy.​
    Character Artist
    Aside from the main cast, there is need to create art for all the different NPCs and enemies.​
    Technology Artist
    Someone able to design sci-fi mainstays such as mechs, unique looking vehicles, and guns.​
    Environmental artist
    Someone able to design the settings and backdrops for battles, as well as the world itself.​
    Alnora is a big, big place, and it needs an architect! Will you be able to see the map above and make a world out of it?​
    Pretty self explanatory; Must be able to work with plugins, as best to make this tactical system a reality.​
    The battles won't have that same intensity without a roarin' soundtrack.​
    Feel free to comment, or email me at berniecorrigan25@gmail.com. I am here to answer any and all questions you may have.​

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