Nov 14, 2017
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Engine: RPG Maker MV

Synopsis: The game is a simple thing. One day a tower sprouts up in the middle of a random street. The deluded Vorland, with dreams of being a hero decides to go to the tower and the realist Mindy decides to follow so that he doesn't get himself killed. The two random, non special people must now head to the top of a tower that even the military abandoned. You can take the elevator to the final boss or start with the first floor, but either way you will have to go through each floor, dealing with the emotional people and monsters that live on them. Welcome to The Tower of Conciet!

Positions/Roles Needed:
I am looking for an artist to make battlers for an original game of mine. The battler sprite sheets will be based on character designs by an artist that goes by JzeroSK online. He has made them specifically for this game and will be making more after a while.
There will be 3 main characters and 10 bosses that I would like battlers for. If anyone is interested in working with us send me a message with prices and a place to see your work and I will get back to you.

My Role(s)/Position(s): Databasing, story writing, eventing, puzzle design... Basically I am doing all of the non art or music stuff.

I read the rules and don't think I'm posting wrong, but I apologize if I am.

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When you have your friend over and you try to have a good time and let him try your game but he legit finds 10+ bugs that you now have to add to your already big workload for the day lol.
Okay anothe stupid question from me. Why is when everyone's explaining the scripts in the scriptlets, it chnge into green. how do i know when do i code without knowing whether its turning green or not
So I realized that I really just don't have enough time to make videos. However I don't mind clicking stream and just letting people watch me work on my game. I don't really have a good microphone... okay it's a $20 headset so it's terrible, and I have no web cam. So the stream would largely be royalty free music and me working, with minor interaction. I guess the question is, would that actually interest anybody?
Child base test two, flappin' their arms like it's VX Ace.

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