Looking for Food/Plant Icons and Tilesets


Nov 17, 2014
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Resource Type: Tiles and Icons

Maker Format: MV

Art Style: Similar To VX Ace - RTP Existing Stuff

Description: I'm looking for some food items to be added that match the pre-existing VX Ace-RTP art style. I'm looking for stuff like fruits of various kinds, Meats (Pork, Poultry, Beef, Fishes), Canteens (like a makeshift looking waterskin think made with survival style), Finished Products like Sandwiches, Salads (Maybe)? Pastries whatever you can think of! I would like to note I just want it to be the food item itself (No dishes or anything else just plain transparent backround I may do some edits and recolors and adding my own background elements.

I'm also looking for Plant Icons that could work with fruits. I'm trying to be as realistic as I can find with it again matching the RTP for MV on These. So I'm not looking for let's say pumpkin trees or watermelon trees (pretty much not realistic ways they grow. I would also like and empty version without the fruit showing if possible it helps with eventing to show it being picked when used.

I'll give a rundown on what this is for, I'm creating a Survival Style Game in RPG Maker MV with some Questing Elements, and story line. But trying to make it a bigger game and really test the engine. I've added in survival vitals such as hunger, thirst, and stamina (Working on Internal Body Temperature System) and I noticed there is a lack of variety in food icons that I would need as well as tiles.

All credit Will be given to the artists that help and copies of the game will be given to those credited. It will be a commercial game, so if you're uncomfortable or have reasons you would not want your art used, I can understand and will remove it if necessary. Thanks for reading and hope you can help me :)

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