FREE Looking for people to make a story based mafia game(MAPPER)


Jun 18, 2020
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Engine: I am using RPG Maker: MV

Synopsis: I plan on making a game that's heavily story-driven. It will be set back in the 1950s. The story will be mainly about the mafia. It will follow the main heroes story, inside the mob life, but as well outside of it. Players will be given the freedom to travel around the city, customize their appearance, buy better weapons, acquire new skills, etc. I also plan on doing voice acting for the game. It's an ambitious project, but it's rather laid-back. It's more of a hobby than a goal. With that being said I obviously plan on finishing it. I'm looking for all kinds of cool people. I already got two people willing to work on the project, so you are not the first one to join or the only one to work on this. I will be putting fair amount of work in too. As of right now, the story isn't put up together. I'm waiting to have a complete team filled with all the essential roles first. And if there's a writer, cooperate with him(or rather give him the creative control because it's usually better when one person makes it as the story makes more sense usually) than there's no point in me writing the story right now. I always wanted to make something like this, but I never pulled the trigger on it. Well, here I am now trying to get people for the things I can't do myself, which is mainly the art. The art is necessary, but I'm unable to do it. If you have any further questions regarding the project feel free to send me a message. Here is my discord: MegaSkuci#8624 as I'm most active there. I'm really happy for anyone willing to work with me! If you feel like you possess a talent that could help the project, message right away.
There are some challenges that we will have to face, and it's mainly to make the city believable, alive, and fully working(with vehicles, people walking around, etc.) Making the people in story relatable too is something I would really love to focus on. Creating the 50s atmosphere will be a challenge too.

Positions/Roles Needed: I will separate this into two categories - needed and would be good to have.
Needed: Mapper
Would be good to have: Writer(Writing most of the story), programmer(someone capable of making custom plugins, and making the game unique), I don't know what to call the third but, I'm just looking for an experienced RPG Maker user that would work on the RPG maker stuff with me - Level design together with the tileset graphic designer, creating events, etc.

My Role(s)/Position(s): Putting the game together, managing the project so everyone's work is used as efficiently as possible I would make the game in RPG Maker(if there isn't anyone else), and write the story(unless there's a writer)
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