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Sep 25, 2017
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Engine: RPG Maker MV

Synopsis: "Quest of the Feral Queen"
This project is going to have a very jrpg like feel, the main character is a long time dungeons and dragons character I have used, and it's starts off with her backstory.

Some of mine and my friends DND characters will be in game. As either party members, villains, npcs, or reoccuring or even secret characters. The choices are impactful and user will have a decent amount of freedom.

- Major character choices
choices that effect the ending, the current game, and how certain characters interact.

Based on if you make Freya villainous or good hearted, and you can even lie to people about doing certain things which can give you an unusual end game, and might even possibly be your downfall.

Depending on your villain level, you may eventually be able to attack or hurt people, but depending on who your hurt ((key characters)) you might end up attacked by the wrong person, or end up in a cell and lose all your gold.

Villagers may even run from you refuse to speak to you.
If you are nice to certain people, you might even unlock a secret party member, or gain items, gold, or gain reputation in the city. Some quests might require reputation. Which means if you going to be evil, you might want to be more discreet about it.
Certain actions can hurt your reputation more than others.
Friendship Meter- You can befriend your teamates and talk to them after a main quest/dungeon event.

You can give them gifts later on, and you can get secret events or cutscenes with them, if you decide to open up with them. They may treat you very differently depending on how you act towards them.

Major key items-
So far I created the gods hammer, so you can smash rocks that are in the way. I will make other useful items, or make it so you can upgrade those items to use in dungeons, and some for puzzles ect.

Animated Opening cutscene: I'm an artist, and I will have my art placed in the game at a later time, my profile picture is a current bust up of Freya.

I am focusing on the game and art later.

I need practice with animations although I've done small things in the past, If it goes well I will make some cutscenes for the endings and maybe impactful parts of the game. The cutscenes will be voice acted, but I will have auditions for to make sure it's what I'm looking for.

Dramatic, action packed adventure!

Get attached to the world and it's people, you will hate some, and love some. You will laugh, cry, and smile. Fight for your life, fight to kill, or fight to protect, or even all of the above!

Positions/Roles Needed:
-Sprite artists! Especially for monsters that walk around

- Someone who can teach me how to get the dragon bones plugin working properly XD

- Plugin creator ;w; someone to make a skill tree that can show up in the menu! Most important. Similar to in dragon age, where when you level up you can earn certain skills, but some are level capped or you have to learn some skills before others!

- Menu option creator (( I basically want to make a custom menu but scripts confuse me, if I have a template or something to create the look of the menu, I will make it myself.)) [ Might also be a plugin creator thing? I can make the graphics if i have a template but need to find how to put it in game..]

- Battle system change? (( wondering if I could do something like a tales of series type battle system..but I'm not sure how to go about doing it.))

The most important things are dragon bone, and menu option creator, again need help, I can make the graphics. I Just suck at scripting xD

My Role(s)/Position(s): Story writer, character artist, animator, voice actor((maybe a character or two)), Game creator/designer/ mapper. Basically most of it lol.

(( I want to delve into spriting too, but I am working at so much atm. xD))

Skill Trade: I'd love to make you facesets, or bust ups or art for me depending on the work you do for me, I love working together. I also can do a lot of cool voices and have a great microphone if you guys want some examples.

Characters, Setting and World Development:

Freya recieves a large amount of character development, as she begins in the wilds, cast out by her people for being a half elf at a young age and taken care of animals. She primarily can speak dragon and speak to animals, but she isn't very good at the human language. The first party member she recieves casts tongues so that others can understand Freya, although she appears about 14 years old, she sounds somewhat childish to other people, Even worse she is very short, ((About 5'2)) She begins vicious, wanting to destroy humanoids and considering them evil, for leaving her to die.

Later, Freya will be able to speak a little bit better and gain more and more personality. She may also act different based on player choices.

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