TRADE Looking for team for Horror Fantasy RPG in RMMV! (The Ravens's Child)


Nov 29, 2019
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My name is Oli, I'm pretty new to the whole RPG Maker MV scene, but have been a long time fan of video games as well as am considered a pro by my peers. I'm currently a high school sophomore and have dreamed of making a game ever since I was a young kid, so picking up RPG Maker MV was a huge step in that direction. A few weeks passed of work and I've realized my need for a team to make my dream reality, thus where you come in.
My goal is to at least have a demo or even a full game if possible that both can showcase artwork, have a great story, and at the least be fun! A profit would be nice, but I'm not looking to make one unless necessary.
The Game

Main Character, name uncertain​
The Raven's Child (title open to change) revolves around a young girl with the bizarre ability to manipulate her pigtails in various ways, such as swinging from trees and branches to taking the word haircut to a whole other level in battle. The game behaves similarly to many RPGs, except with the ability to counter attacks and its only you, no companions. In exchange for being on your own, you have access to either craft or find relics while exploring which boost a certain aspect up either mildly or greatly, but be careful, the greatest will have drawbacks such as reducing your HP or limiting your abilities, that or be extremely hard to get your hands on. You will have to solve puzzles throughout the cold tundra forest of Pylir using your ability to manipulate your hair. Expect deep lore throughout the game and plenty to explore throughout the forest, as well as rather disturbing elements such as gore, grossly mutated monsters, and even the possibility of finding corpses of many fates from being impaled by stalagmites to halves of bodies in mutant spider webs! How lovely! Will you be able to narrowly avoid these fates, or will you succumb to each one? The choice is yours.

  • Plenty of cutscenes (both still-frame and in-game) and events
  • A unique swinging system
  • Puzzles aplenty
  • A vast world to explore
  • Turn-based battle with the ability to counter attacks
  • Unique deaths
  • Crafting System
WIP, will add when I fully complete it
My Position
I am going to be the head writer and main artist, doing art for portraits, still-frames, and such, as well as the concept artist. I also will be the director of the whole game.
  • Pixel/Sprite Artist (OPEN)
  • Tileset Artist (OPEN)
  • Plugin Designer (OPEN)
  • Programmer (OPEN)
  • Mapper (OPEN)
  • Co-Artist (Optional) (OPEN)
  • Co-Writer (Optional) (OPEN)
  • Composer (Optional) (OPEN)
Skill Trades
I am willing to trade my artwork and writing for any needed component of the game
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