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    I'm working on a cute little sea adventure game, called Light in the Abyss. I'ts on rpg maker MV. It's more of a point and click story, there is no fighting thus far.

    It has LGTB content but nothing 18+. It'll be a free to play game, and will not be sold. 

    I have a team. The only thing we are missing is a programmer.

    The only thing I'm really good at and can offer  is designing, but I can do decent art, it may take a while thou. Maybe I can offer having your original character have their own story. Or maybe you just want some of your story ideas and characters to be in the story.

    The story will mostly fallow Guppicorns http://guppicorns.deviantart.com/   which are made by http://cappuchi.deviantart.com/


    I'm using the character select plugin http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/36384-rmv-character-select/

    to have multiple characters to choose from each with their own story.



    The things we need done right now are a few changes to the menu mostly just the skill and item areas. and a few bug fixes along the way

    many things are going to change mostly the speech box, menu, and tile sets all to be original art. and by that I mean the background for the menu and speech box will be custom made.



    We are using 

    If anyone is interested contact me.

    Also I would love to hear any ideas you might have for this type of game~
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