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Apr 26, 2013
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I'm looking for those willing to test this game for a couple of runs. Simple as that.

Engine: RPG Maker VX
Form: Closed Beta
Estimated playtime: 10-30 minutes per Exploration session; full playtime length is TBD.

Quick Synopsis
Here's the game that's on the menu ->
While the game page shows version 1.7, the game being tested will be the new version 1.8

You are a Riftwalker (a.k.a. Library patron) who got trapped in a hall owned by "Chessmaster". To get out of the hall, you have to play a game of "chess" with him. Library personnel will help you in sorting out your play and help you get out of the place.


What to test?
  • Story presentation, especially in the first bits of the game
  • The exploration mode, whether it's enjoyable enough on exploring the alley (or alleys if you can unlock all alleys)
  • The battle flow in general, since battle takes a big chunk of the game and there is a lot to take in (i.e. positioning, targeting, the characters and enemies)
  • If possible, the "Craft gear" and "Promotion" system. You need to do at least one match with Chessmaster to unlock this feature. You can do it by talking to Ruby once the requirement is met.
  • Basically, I'd like to know what do you think about the game based on your own playthrough.

What's still missing? (just in case you, as a tester, find something's missing/lacking)
  • The tutorial mode is still under construction
  • There's still no Fate Episode because why would I wanna write 200+ scenes in a month?
  • Some sprites are not updated yet, so don't mind if some artworks aren't true to their sprite
  • Union attacks may show incorrect damage value
  • The stash swap function may not swap certain items from/to your inventory
  • Nodes may show up incorrectly, especially around an already opened node in an intersection
  • In battle, sprite may overlap in certain circumstances/sequences
  • A better way for selecting a target in free-target type abilities

I designed the game with the assumptions that new players will have to learn a handful of stuff and get defeated multiple times before they can get the appeal of the game. Also, this build is still kinda rough in terms of presentation; it's still a WIP after all. That said, feel free to tell me if you've got difficulties and/or hindrance on certain points, or if you have suggestions and criticism; I'll record it for the evaluation.

Since the intro is about ~5 minutes long, I've included an Autosave file for a quick start to the game. Pay attention when you're going into Chessmaster's Match, however, every time you're done playing with him, it'll trigger the Autosave function, overwriting the existing file.

For now, I cannot offer anything but a fun game to play for those willing to test the game. Besides, the game itself is meant to be a free game and it's unencrypted, so... yeah.

If you're interested, slide me a DM so we can set things up.



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Feb 7, 2013
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It looks cool (and helps that it seems to be combat focused). I'd be willing to test it.

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