Jan 17, 2016
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Hello. I'm trying to be able to have OGG BGM loop using metadata defined loop points in RPG Maker XP.

This appears to be something that was successfully done in the past. Specifically, there seems to be a script that was written which uses the FMOD audio library to achieve this. It looks like it was a commonly used script at the time. The release of this script was done at this site. Unfortunately, the links which lead to the script no longer works.

Doing some hunting, I found this post which seems to contain the main parts of the script (though perhaps not the complete script). I also found an old project which uses the FMOD dll from the time when this script was in use. However, when I try to put the pieces together, I still can't get my OGG to loop with the intro.

I've been using this tutorial to generate looping OGGs.

I realize the script to allow this looping is relatively old, but I'm hoping someone might have some advice on how to get it up and running. Or perhaps someone still has an old project in which they have this script successfully working that they can share for me to use as a starting point. If you have any such advise or examples, please let me know.

Thank you for your time!


Additionally, if there is no one who knows how to get this specific script working, another solution to get a looping (non-midi) BGM with a non-looped intro would suffice. Thanks again.
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