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Loot Tables v1.0.0
Author: dingk
RMMV version 1.6.2
Launched April 29, 2020


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Do you need your enemies to drop more loot or change how the game drops items?

This plugin adds a randomized tier-based loot drop mechanic to your game. You can customize loot tables in the plugin manager and set up various item pools. You can assign these loot tables to enemies or use plugin commands on the map.

Loot tables consist of different item pools, which are assigned different weights. A pool with a higher weight has a higher chance of being selected. A selected item pool will drop a random item that has been assigned to it.


In the notetags below, the keywords Item/Drop/Loot are interchangeable. For example, you can use <Item Table>, <Drop Table>, or <Loot Table>.

Item, Weapon, and Armor Notetags

<Loot Pool: name>
  • Put this item in the specified item pool.
  • Replace name with the name of the item pool.
Actor, Class, Weapon, Armor, and State Notetags

<name Weight: +n>
<name Weight: -n>
<name Weight: *n>
  • Adjust the weight at which an item pool is selected.
  • Replace name with the name of the item pool.
  • Replace n with a number (can be floating point).
Enemy Notetags

<Loot Table [rate]: name[, name, name, ...]>
  • Assign one or more loot tables in a comma-separated list to this enemy.
  • Replace name with the name of the loot table.
  • [Optional] Replace rate with a decimal or percent value to determine the probability this table will drop items.
<Loot Table [rate]>
name: weight
name x[amount]: weight
name x[minAmount]-[maxAmount]: weight
</Loot Table>
  • Create a local loot table for this enemy.
  • Replace the following variables:
    • [Optional] rate : The probability this table will drop items. Default is 100%. Replace with a decimal or percent value.
    • name : Name of the item or item pool. For items, you can use the names of the items or use Item [id], Weapon [id], or Armor [id], replacing [id] with the item ID.
    • weight : Weight of the item or item pool. Default is 1.
    • [amount] : Number of items to drop. Default is 1.
    • [minAmount]-[maxAmount] : Random range of the items to drop (inclusive).
<Loot Table 75%>
Item 3
Potion x2: 5
Common: 5
Common x3-5: 4
Rare: 1
</Loot Table>
  • There is a 75% chance that this enemy will drop an item with an ID of 3, two Potions, a random Common item, three to five random Common items (all same), or a random Rare item.
  • The total weight adds up to 16, so the Rare item has a 1/16 chance to drop, whereas the two Potions have a 5/16 chance.
Plugin Commands

In the plugin commands below, the keywords Item/Drop/Loot are interchangeable. Customize the message displayed in the plugin manager.

GiveLootPool name [minAmount] [maxAmount]
  • Give the player an item from this item pool. Replace name with the name of the item pool.
  • [Optional] Replace [minAmount] and [maxAmount] with the amount to give to the player. Default is 1.
GiveLootTable name
  • Give the player an item from this loot table. Replace name with the name of the loot table.
  • Toggle the message displayed after using the commands above on or off.
  • This setting is saved globally.
SingleLootMessageFormat string
MultipleLootMessageFormat string
  • Change the message format. Replace string with the new format.
    %1 - Icon, %2 - Name, %3 - Count
  • This setting is saved globally.
  • Reset all loot message settings to default.
  • No issues found.
Terms of Use
  • Free and commercial use and redistribution (under MIT License).
1.0.0 (2020-04-29) - Initial release

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